FDA Warns: Do Not Use These 9 Hand Sanitizers as They Are Highly Toxic

7The dangers of methanol and what happens when using a hand sanitizer containing the chemical

If you use a hand sanitizer that contains methanol. You could potentially face several adverse and dangerous side effects. First of all, you may get seriously sick and should immediately seek out a doctor’s help which the FDA recommends as part of its warnings and do’s and don’ts. The FDA says that immediate medical intervention is necessary to reverse the toxic effects of methanol absorbed through the skin.


In event that you have been exposed to substantial amounts of the chemical then the potential side effects below have been outlined by the FDA.

The dangers of methanol

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8What can happen if you use a hand sanitizer that contains methanol?

You can get incredibly sick. The FDA recommends that you seek “immediate treatment” if you use one of the sanitizers listed, noting that it’s “critical for potential reversal of toxic effects of methanol poisoning.” Being exposed to “substantial” amounts of methanol can cause the following issues, per the FDA:

  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Permanent blindness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Coma
  • Seizures
  • Permanent damage to the central nervous system
  • Death

Jamie Alan Pharm. D, Ph.D. an assistant professor in pharmacology and toxicology at Michigan State University says “it can be absorbed through the skin and can result in systemic effects.” He also says even using them according to the directions will create health issues. Others say the side effects can occur after just one use and using it frequently increases the toxic side effects.

Sanitizer that contains methanol

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9The FDA warning

The FDA warns that everyone is at risk of such products coming into contact with the skin. However, children are more in danger because if they accidentally ingest methanol, it would lead to methanol poisoning. Even teens and adults attempting to consume methanol as an alcohol substitute will also experience methanol poisoning.

The FDA warning

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10Make sure your hand sanitizer is safe

Because of the pandemic raging, it is next to impossible to find hand sanitizer. Because of the heavy demand and unavailability, you’ve most probably considered brands you wouldn’t normally use. Always purchase a hand sanitizer which mentions 60% ethanal alcohol, or isopropanol as their main component. Another option is Benzalkonium Chloride, but it is not as effective as the other two and unreliable against some types of bacteria and viruses according to the CDC.


If you get hold of a hand sanitizer approved by the FDA, learn to use it correctly for maximum benefit. Make sure it isn’t expired and wash hands thoroughly. With soap and water, you could also achieve a good degree of cleansing and keeping harmful germs away. You can verify the FDA warning here.

FDA Sign at its headquarters

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