FDA Warns: Do Not Use These 9 Hand Sanitizers as They Are Highly Toxic

9 Million cases and counting, sudden surges of 40K new cases in the US and Brazil on 25th June, 18K new cases in a single day in India. The coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere although it is becoming less aggressive in fatality rates with fewer deaths being recorded daily. Even as people are now getting bored of the virus and going about their lives, and countries lifting lockdowns in the face of great risks to health, the most important thing to bear in mind is how to stay safe? In light of this factor, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration is combating blatant marketing, false claims, myths and even dangerous practices like the use of products that can harm you.


1Hand sanitizer are flying off shelves in every country

There is a big rush of hand sanitizer in every country and people are blindly buying whatever they get their hands on not knowing if it is suitable or not. Now the FDA has come out to warn people not to use certain hand sanitizers because of the presence of a toxic substance called methanol which is also a toxic form of alcohol.

Hand sanitizer are flying off shelves

Image Source: nyt.com


2FDA lists sanitizers as toxic and warns against using them

The sanitizers in question as reported in the NYTimes and also by a declaration on the FDA website are made by a company called Eskbiochem SA de CV located in Mexico. The FDA says that the company has not complied with the health and safety requirements and neither have they obeyed the orders issued by the FDA to remove the products from the market.

FDA lists sanitizers as toxic

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3Why is the FDA warning against it?

The main reason why the FDA is advising people not to purchase the products is because of a harmful chemical called methanol which is a toxic form of alcohol. It can have several adverse effects and is considered dangerous. Methanol is commonly used in making fuel and anti-freeze which is toxic when ingested or if it is absorbed through the skin and with a hand sanitizer, there is just no avoiding that.

FDA asked not to use these hand sanitizers

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk


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