FDA approves a controversial machine that will keep you away from getting fat, find out how?

Obesity is on the rise and a lot of people are facing this issue, along with other health problems which stem out because of obesity. People are forever looking out for ways which will help them lose weight, and apart from adopting the golden ways of exercising and maintaining a balanced diet, people also indulge in some other weird ways to lose weight.

In order to help people in shedding the extra pounds, the US FDA recently approved a machine known as Aspire Assist, which drains food out of your stomach directly into the toilet. Take a look at what it is, and decide for yourself, whether you would go for such a method or not.

1 The Aspire Assist machine

Medical apparatus manufacturing company Aspire Bariatrics has recently designed a pump that would drain undigested food right out from the stomach. The machine has got the approval from US FDA and will be available in UK markets from next month. In order for the machine to work, patients will have to undergo a 20-min surgical procedure in which a small tube will be placed into the stomach. This tube will be attached to a valve which can be opened and closed as and when needed. The machine can be used 30 minutes after the person has had his/her meal. The procedure is usually done in the restroom, where the machine pumps out the excess food directly into the toilet. It has received certifications in most of the countries it has applied, and British gastroenterologist Dr. Anthony Shonde has called the machine, a brilliant alternative to having obesity surgery. But there are doctors and other people who have their concerns with the machine, and have come out in full opposition of FDA, for giving the machine an approval.

The Aspire Assist machine

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