FBI Director warns people to tape their Webcams and the reason will frighten you

2 FBI director claims he tapes his webcam


Last year the internet was full of reports on how smartphone technology with location capabilities could be used to spy and track the activities of a user. If that wasn’t frightening enough, today we learn of similar tracking devices infiltrating our computers and using our own webcams to spy on us.

In early 2016, FBI director James Comey dropped a bombshell when he stated he tapes his webcam of his own personal computer. Why would a public official of such a security sensitive organization do a thing like that? Was he was privy to classified information pertaining to such activity? Think about that!!Most people were already irked at Comeys comment previously that people shouldn’t make their devices unhackable as it created obstacles for national security. Now is that man for real?

cover your webcam with tape

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