FBI Director warns people to tape their Webcams and the reason will frighten you

“Big Brother is watching you” that line from George Orwell’s dystopian novel is making more and more sense every day. The latest in public surveillance warnings comes from none other than the director of the FBI James Comey who says that you should put tape on your webcams and microphones.

How exactly are we being watched through our own webcams? Well!! You’ll be surprised to know how this is possible.

1 You are not alone because somebody is watching you

Even as you do shady stuff on the internet or spend hours chatting away with friends, someone is watching you!! It was none other than Edward Snowden who spilled a major can of beans revealing the technology behind NASAs optic nerve operation which had an ability that will undoubtedly shock you out of your wits.

The technology allowed personal webcams to capture images of almost 1.8 million users who used yahoo. The data pertaining to the images were then stored secretly on a government server. That was way back in 2008. Imagine the level of advancement such technology has undergone in the last 8 years.

girl on webcam

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