Fathers Play a Major Role and Have Huge Impact on Their Daughter’s Lives Science Says

Scientific research has confirmed how it is imperative that fathers and daughters share a healthy emotional bond that contributes to the development of the daughter. It doesn’t mean that just a stronger father figure is enough for the emotional development of the girl child, the mother is equally if not more important but the role of the father figure should never be written off. It is a crucial role and not just a matter of convenience as another helping hand, in several cases; it becomes more than necessary too.


1The importance of a father to the emotional development of a daughter

According to a new study, those daughters who enjoyed a healthy and close relationship with their fathers were found to be more open and honest with their feelings. This trait will help them be more comfortable in forging close and intimate relationships later on in life. They don’t necessarily have to be romantic relationships, these could be healthy relationships with friends, colleagues and of course their own partners.

The importance of a father

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2What it means

This means that the presence of the male gender in the development of the female child helps the girl be more comfortable in establishing relationships. The father figure being a male makes her come out of her shell to help her establish the human need to be close to people and view such things with a more open mind. It prevents rigidity and fundamentalist thinking of social behavior.

Loving moment father and daughter

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3It boosts a daughter’s self-confidence

One more important factor influenced by the father-daughter relationship is that the emotional availability of a father boosts a girl’s self-confidence. BY creating a healthy emotional relationship, there is a dynamism that is cultivated between the two and this improves the child’s self-assuredness and sense of self-security. This will help her develop a more positive outlook and a positive image for herself in life.

Father taking selfie with daughter

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4The practical significances of a father’s presence a daughter’s life

Besides emotional factors, a father has other roles to play as well in his daughter’s life. Fathers are extremely important for impacting a child’s physical health and financial stability. Studies have shown that those women having father figures in their lives grew to become healthier and more financially stable. The study also included daughters who had no father figure in their lives.

The practical significances of a father

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5A father is perceived to be the pillar of financial and physical strength in the family

Most of the time, it is a father who is looked upon as the pillar of support where physical and financial strength and stability is concerned. Combining these two aspects means that a daughter will indeed grow up to be financially stable and have a comfortable life.

A father is perceived to be the pillar of family

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