20 Fashion Hacks which will save your face and much more during a fashion emergency

Have you ever faced a situation in which you may have lost the back lock of your earrings, lost your button of the shirt, or your zipper got stuck, or the strap of the bra broke and so on? These are some of the situations that many women face almost every day. The good news is that you can fix such problems using simple fashion hacks.


Check out a list of 20 simple fashion hacks which you can use to fix the clothing emergencies and save yourself from embarrassment.

1 Loose Buttons

Imagine that you are going to the office and suddenly you notice that the button on your shirt or cardigan is about to pop off. This disaster can happen to anyone, but you can fix this problem within five minutes using the clear nail polish. Use nail polish to seal the thread and stop it from unraveling. This hack will hold the button throughout the day.

Loose Buttons

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2 Broken Button

Ladies you should always carry thread and needle with you to avoid such clothing emergencies and protect yourself from the embarrassment. These will come handy whenever you have a broken button or even when stitching lines become loose. Just sew those buttons on again.

Broken Button

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3 Earring back lock

If you have lost the back lock of your earring, then no need to worry. You can use the eraser as a temporary earring back lock.


Making earring back locks using an eraser is as simple as 1, 2 and 3. All you need to do is cut the eraser of a standard pencil into small pieces and use it to properly lock your earring.

Earring back

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4 Falling hem

If the hem of your jeans is falling, you can use a piece of packing tape to fix it. Each piece of the tape remains in a good condition till six washes.

Falling hem

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5 Broken heel

All every woman must have faced this kind of a problem in her life especially if they love wearing pencil heels. You can fix the broken heel using the gum. However, this hack will provide only a temporary solution, so change those shoes as soon as possible if you don’t want broken bones.

Broken heel

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6 Broken strap

What will you do if your bra strap breaks while you are in the office or anywhere outside? This can happen to anyone actually. If such a situation appears in front of you, first of all, don’t panic. Simply tie a knot in the strap to temporarily fix the problem.

Broken strap

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7 Drawstring of Hoodie

If you have ever lost the drawstring of your hoodie, you know you can put it back within five minutes. You can simply do this by threading the string into a straw and then stapling them together. Once completed, push it back through the hood and grab the straw coming out of the other end, now pull out the straw and you have your hoodie with its drawstrings.

Drawstring of Hoodie

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8 Broken necklace chain

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to fix the broken necklace chain, then you should try this hack. This hack is not only cost-effective but simple as well. All you need to do is to link one end of the necklace chain with the paperclip and then slide the other end of the chain through it.

Broken necklace chain

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9 Fixing zipper

If the zipper of your jeans is stuck, you can resolve this problem using a pencil. All you need to do is rub the pencil on the zipper. This is one of the most simplest hacks to get the stuck zipper moving again.

Fixing zipper

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10 Covering up splattered food

It is advised that you always carry a scarf in your bag. The scarf will help you in covering the stains of the food accidentally splattered, until you reach at home.

We hope these fashion hacks would be useful to you at some point of life, if you have some hacks such as these in your kitty please share with us and all our readers.

Splatter food on yourself

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11 Red wine stains with white wine

You may not have ever heard of this one but this is a neat trick. Believe it or not but red wine stains on fabric can be cleared up with white wine. Just pour a bit of white wine on it leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Red wine stains with white wine

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12 Iron small creases with a hair straightener

There is plenty of logic in this one. Both an Iron or a hair straightener work on the same principles and both can straighten. You can easily wear your upper garments such as a blouse or shirt and then straighten out the creases using the Hair Straightener.

Iron small creases with a hair straightener

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13 Solid deodorants for blisters

Blisters are caused because of new shoes or because of friction from shoe straps, but blisters on the back of your feet can be painful. Use a slid deodorant to rub on to the blisters and you will get immediate pain relief.try it because it works.

Solid deodorants for blisters

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14 Fixing a zipper

If your zipper suddenly stops and won’t budge or if it is getting stuck, the rub a pencil or a chapstick on both sides. Better still if you have a piece of candle then rub the candle on it. The wax will make it smooth again. This is why it is advisable to always carry a chapstick in your bag as you never know when it might be useful apart from moistening your lips.

Fixing a zipper

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15 Use a pencil eraser to remove scuff marks from suede

That’s right; Suede shoes can dirty easily and develop scuff marks. These are permanent and can be rubbed off easily with an eraser. If you use a good quality eraser for pencil marks, then that will do the trick keeping your shoes nice and clean.

Use a pencil eraser to remove scuff marks from suede

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16 How to get rid of foundation stains

This is really incredible. When applying your makeup, if you find foundation stains on your collar, then applying shaving cream can easily remove it. But then there’s a catch!! Why would you be having shaving cream at home unless you live with parents and elder brothers or with a partner.

How to get rid of foundation stains

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17 Armpit stains on your new dress

If you sweat a lot, then armpit stains can even spoil your new dress which you may not be able to wear after a few times. Make a mixture of lemon juice and water and use that to scrub out the stains. If they are too stubborn, use a mixture of baking soda and water to form a paste and apply to the stain allowing it to remain for 10 minutes. Then wash it off.

Armpit stains on your new dress

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18 How to remove odor from your jeans

Although jeans aren’t washed regularly, it is the odor or smell that can put off anyone. To get rid of the odor, wrap the jean in a thin plastic sheet and keep them in the freezer overnight. The cold temperature will kill bacteria and remove the odor.

How to remove odor from your jeans

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19 Moisturize your leather bag

Leather bags tend to get dull after some time. If your leather bag loses its shine, all you need to do is rub moisturizer all over it. Once the moisture is absorbed, there will be a definite glaze on the bag making it glisten and shine again. Leather can also tend to lose its color as it gets worn down, so if you’re wanting to touch up your leather bag, or any other leather items pop with some new color you may want to search about for some of the Best Paint For Leather in the color that you’re needing!

Moisturize your leather bag

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20 How to maintain the shape of your boots

Your high boots can get out of shape if you’ve noticed. To keep the shape of your boots, roll up the newspaper or wrap a magazine into a round shape and stuff it into the boots. This will maintain the shape of the boots even if you don’t use them frequently.

How to maintain the shape of your boots

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