12 Fascinating Natural Phenomena That One Can Only See At a Certain Time of The Year

9September: Yuncheng Salt Lake

Yuncheng Lake in China has waters which display the full spectrum of colors from green and yellow to scarlet and magenta. This is brought about by the wide range of algae which blooms in the lake making it a spectacular sight. The best period to see the myriad of colors when they are brightest in this lake is in autumn.


Location: Yuncheng, China.

Period: September to October.

Image Source: viettimes.vn

10October: The liquid rainbow of Cano Cristales

When the algae bloom it gives one breathtaking view of the Cano Cristales River in Columbia. It makes the river look like a liquid rainbow displaying a wide range of colors from green and red to blue and black. While the colors are brightest in autumn, one can admire this view right from May to December.


Location: Columbia.

Period: October to November.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

11November: Flowering Atacama Desert

When you think desert, the first thought that crosses your mind will be sand, sand for miles on end. However, this is not true for all deserts, especially the Atacama Desert. While like all deserts it is also extremely dry. But, after heavy rain, it turns into a flowering blanket overnight. Although, this phenomenon only takes place once every 4 or 5 years. The last time it happened was in 2017.


Location: Chile.

Period: September to November.

Image Source: www.behance.net

12December: Sailing stones

There are rocks which happen to occasionally slide across the deserted area in Death Valley seemingly on their own. Interestingly they do so without any power or ropes attached to them. What causes this? These sailing rocks have been studied since the 1900s and scientists believe that the reason behind these stones’ strange movements is because of the perfect balance of water, ice, and wind which occurs in the months of the winter season. Under the stone thin sheets of ice form in winter which make it possible for the stone to move forward even when a light gust of wind hits against them.


Location: Death Valley, California, USA.

Period: December to February.

Image Source: tin247.com


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