12 Fascinating Natural Phenomena That One Can Only See At a Certain Time of The Year

5May: Synchronous fireflies

Watching synchronous fireflies can be like a real adventure as these insects are only found in a few places on our planet. Thousands of fireflies gather when it is their time to mate and in their display they all flash simultaneously every few seconds in perfect sync with each other. This gives the viewers an extremely dazzling and sparkling display.


Location: Great Smoky Mountain National Park, USA.

Period: May to June.

Image Source: sohanews.com

6June: Climbing goats

It would all seem somewhat surreal to see a goat climbing a tree. However, there is a logical explanation for such a bizarre natural phenomenon. The goats do not climb any normal tree, as the trees which they climb are Argan trees which bear fruits that ripen in June. The goats love this fruit and are attracted to it which is why they climb the trees. Sometimes, you might even see a dozen goats hanging out on one tree.


Location: Morocco.

Period: June.

Image Source: izismile.com

7July: Midnight sun

One fantastic phenomenon which you can only get to see during the summers anywhere which is south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle is the unusual midnight sun. This is because Earth’s rotation on its axis is tilted at this time of the year which causes the North Pole to be angled toward the sun. It, therefore, creates an amazing effect that can only be seen in this area for several weeks during which the sun never sets. Norway happens to be one of the places that falls within this exact location.


Location: Norway.

Period: June to August.

Image Source: viettimes.vn

8August: Spotted Lake Osoyoos

During the summer months when temperatures get hotter, Lake Osoyoos tends to change its colors and even its shape. The evaporation of water brings into view the sight of multi-colored circular formations of salt and other minerals at the bottom of the lake making it resemble the pattern of leopard skin. Also, the lake turns white due to the heat of the summer season.


Location: British Columbia, Canada.

Period: Jul to August.

Image Source: izismile.com


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