5 Of the most famous incidents involving true cases of the Ghostly Black eyed children

Some of the most chilling stories of modern times revolve around the urban legends of ghostly black eyed children. It all started with one of the most dreaded cases in 1996, when Brian Bethel was terrified out of his wits by two children whose eyes, shone as black as coal, and asked him to give them a ride home. When Bethel hesitated with a bad feeling, they insisted, but said they could only do so if he invited them into his car. Needless to say,that was enough for Bethel who almost froze there itself. Bethel sped off as fast as he could.


Since then witnesses have claimed several stories of similar sightings, out which here are the most authentic ones. Here are 5 of the most famous incidents of the ghostly black eyed children.

1 The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock, Staffordshire,England

In Sept 2014, there were reports in the media of a young black eyed girl who was haunting the locality of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire,UK. A paranormal investigator,LeeBrinkley, intrigued by the case decided to investigate.


According to Lee, the black eyed child dressed in white suddenly appeared behind a woman who had heard a horrifying scream which she thought was a child in danger. The woman noticed that the child’s eyes had no iris and was totally black. In an instant the child had disappeared.

The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock

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2 The Black Eyed Children of Aisne, France

In 1974, Alain G and Patrick V were driving around a small village in Aisne, France, when they happened to see five ghostly figures in a courtyard of a large house. The figures appeared to be children and about 4ft tall with long straight waist length hair. But what frightened the men most about their appearance, was when they looked closer and saw their completely solid stony black eyes. The incident of the black eyed children,was part of investigations made by Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne.

Eye witnesses later mentioned that they had also seen the figures thinking them to be children playing in the street.

The Black Eyed Children of Aisne, France

Image Source: www.theghostdiaries.com

3 Kerrie Kisnerand the Black Eyed Boy of Town Mall,Carolina

20-year-old Kerrie Kesner was driving back home from Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina. She chose to stopover at the Triangle town center Mall but while making her way to the car park, she saw a weird boy speaking to an old lady. The boy was pale and sickly and the old lady seemed to be looking into her purse to give him something.


Kerrie noticed that she was almost alone in the eerie parking lot and got a bad feeling about the incident. She began walking faster, but as she passed the boy, he looked at her. His eyes sent shivers down her spine, they were solid black. At that moment the boy immediately walked away without waiting for whatever it was that the old lady was about to give him. Kerrie couldn’t help feeling that while the boy stared intensely at her, he was reading her mind.

Kerrie Kisnerand the Black Eyed Boy of Town Mall

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4 The Black Eyed Child of Hampton Court, England

Catherine Howard, wife of Henry the VIII was executed after being held prisoner at Hampton court palace in 1542. Although she was an adult, she was also childlike perhaps due to her petite frame. The ghost of Catherine Howard is alleged to be regularly haunting Hampton court in the likeness of a black eyed child dressed in white.

To corroborate the story, Trevor Tyre, a 45-year-old coach driver snapped a photograph of the eerie child, which seemed to be peering through the railings of the gallery. Trevor was waiting for his group of tourists when he decided to shoot some pictures of his own. He found the child in one of the photographs only after they were developed. Several staff members agree with the story of the black eyed child who haunts Hampton court.

The Black Eyed Child of Hampton Court,

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

5 Harold and the Devil,Virginia

Perhaps the first account involving black eyed children dates back to 1950, involving Harold,a young 16-year-old boy from Virginia. Paranormal investigator David Weatherly investigated the case and this is what he found.


When Harold was walking home one day he found another boy leaning on the fence. When Harold attempted to speak, he did not respond and remained silent. But! As Harold turned away, the boy cried out “I want to go to your house, you’re going to walk me to your house”

Harold and the Devil,Virginia

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

Harold immediately felt an eerie, haunting chill down his spine because when he turned around, the boy’s eyes were black as coal and stared at him with an intensity that terrified him. Harold was scared out of his wits and ran as fast as he could back home. Even as he ran he heard a shrilling scream and the boy shouting “now don’t run away from me. You’re going to take me to your house.”


Harold’s parents were God fearing people and believed his incident. His father rushed out with gun in hand to look for the menacing creature, who they believed to be the devil. Harold’s parents decided to take the boy to the local priest for a blessing. They never saw the ghostly boy again.


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