Family finds a secret message at the back side of the mirror written by their late Daughter

People can leave things that are precious, behind them as they say goodbye to this world due to many reasons. Whenever these things are found by people that loved them like family and friends, they leave a lasting impression on the mind.


Imagine if you find a message stashed away somewhere from your loved one who is no more. The surprise of finding something so valuable from a person that you loved so much and the feeling of all the memories rushing back can have an overwhelming effect on you.

A family in England also found something left behind by their daughter who passed away due to cancer. Read the message yourself and also see the reaction of the family.


1 The girl

Athena Orchard was a beautiful girl who unfortunately suffered from a crippling disease known as bone cancer osteosarcoma, which affected her spine, the left shoulder and the head. She passed away at the tender age of 13 years. She lived in New Parks, Leicester and died peacefully at home after losing the fight to cancer.

She was one of the 9 siblings including six sisters and 3 brothers. She had a seven and a half hour long operation to remove the tumor on the spine and had to wear a wig to hide the hair loss due to chemotherapy.

The girl

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2 The cancer

Bone cancer osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer. This cancer starts in the bone cells that make new bones; the difference is that these new bones are not as strong as the normal bones. This cancer affects the teens and young children normally and affects the spine, legs and shoulder, pelvis and jaw. Certain factors causing this cancer are age, height, gender and certain hereditary bone diseases.


The major causes of this cancer are altered genes. Certain changes made in the DNA can become the basis of cells becoming cancerous. DNA just doesn’t affect how we look, but also how we lead our life and our health as well. It severely influences the risks of us developing particular diseases, including some kinds of cancer.

The cancer

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3 The surprise

After her death, Athena’s dad was doing some cleaning of her room and found some self-written songs, and a heart wrenching message of 3,000 words on the back of her mirror in the room. The message is something that depicts the innermost feelings of a young girl, a young girl who knows that she doesn’t have much time left on this planet and still has decided to put up a tough fight against the disease that is killing her.

Dean, 33, said of the note: “She never mentioned it, but it’s the kind of thing she’d do. She was a very spiritual person, she’d go on about stuff that I could never understand – she was so clever.” The message goes something like, “Happiness depends upon ourselves. Maybe it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Happiness is a direction not a destination. Thank you for existing. Be happy, be free, believe, forever young. You know my name, not my story.

You have heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through. Love is like glass, looks so lovely but it’s easy to shatter.”

The surprise

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4 Excerpts from the letter and reactions

Her dad and mom have decided to keep the mirror forever as a memory of her daughter. Her mother says that the words written by her late daughter somehow makes them feel that she is still there with the family.


Love is rare, life is strange, nothing lasts and people change. Every day is special, so make the most of it, you could get a life ending illness tomorrow so make the most of every day. Life is only bad if you make it bad.

Excerpts from the letter and reactions

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If someone loves you, then they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is. Remember that life is full of ups and downs. Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about. I want to be that girl who makes the bad days better and the one that makes you say my life has changed since I met her!

Aren’t you touched by what this angel had to say before she departed to the heavenly world? Please share this story to tell the world that life is really unpredictable, and everyone should make the best of it by loving honestly and living whole-heartedly.


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