Family finds a secret message at the back side of the mirror written by their late Daughter

People can leave things that are precious, behind them as they say goodbye to this world due to many reasons. Whenever these things are found by people that loved them like family and friends, they leave a lasting impression on the mind.

Imagine if you find a message stashed away somewhere from your loved one who is no more. The surprise of finding something so valuable from a person that you loved so much and the feeling of all the memories rushing back can have an overwhelming effect on you.

A family in England also found something left behind by their daughter who passed away due to cancer. Read the message yourself and also see the reaction of the family.

1 The girl

Athena Orchard was a beautiful girl who unfortunately suffered from a crippling disease known as bone cancer osteosarcoma, which affected her spine, the left shoulder and the head. She passed away at the tender age of 13 years. She lived in New Parks, Leicester and died peacefully at home after losing the fight to cancer.


She was one of the 9 siblings including six sisters and 3 brothers. She had a seven and a half hour long operation to remove the tumor on the spine and had to wear a wig to hide the hair loss due to chemotherapy.

The girl

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