10 Amazing facts that change your perspective of things to paint a real picture

Every incident should never be taken at face value. What seems negative could well have a deeper meaning behind the facts that led to its negativity. In most cases we tend to look at life from what’s thrown at us by sources like the media or what’s written in history a book which is then accepted as holy writ. Although the facts as reported may be the truth, what’s never provided is the elements surrounding such facts which if made known to the public will give people a totally new perspective of things.


Here are some amazing historical facts that changes perspective of important incidents and personalities making us view them from an entirely different angle.

1 The Federal US government did not try confederate president Jefferson Davis for treason

After the civil war in the USA, The federal government acknowledging the oratory and convincing skills of confederate President Jefferson Davis, did not try him for treason for fear that he might just end up convincing the jury he was not guilty of secession which was a crime.

president Jefferson Davis

Image Source: www.biography.com

2 Sit Up And Take Notice: This Is The Last Of The Cycad Trees In The World

Cycad trees need partners for pollination. Unfortunately there are none and this will be the last of the cycads which was discovered in the year 1895 and subsequently planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Dating back to prehistoric times of the dinosaurs, the species is on the verge of extinction.

Cycad Trees In The World

Image Source: www.npr.org

3 Bankers Feature Lower Than Murderers in Hell According To Dante’s Divine Comedy

In Dante’s time bankers and money merchants were so scorned that he placed them in the lowest circle of his Divine Comedy, where they are seen in stinging sand swatting away sparks of fire from their eyes.

Dante’s Divine Comedy

Image Source: www.diply.com

4 In Ancient Greeks, a Three Month Truce Was Declared Preceding the Olympics

The Pan Hellenic truce between all Greek kingdoms required them to lay down arms for three whole months before the Olympics so that athletes could practice for the Olympic Games peacefully and free from harm.

In Ancient Greeks

Image Source: www.oocities.org

5 The 2008 Banking Collapse Led To Utah Instituting a Four Day Working Week

After the banking collapse in 2008, the state of Utah ruled a four day work week which actually made workers more productive. Work morale ws boosted across the state which featured less absenteeism form work. Energy conservation saved millions of dollars, traffic congestion reduced. Pollutants and carbon emissions reduced by 14 percent.

Four Day Working Week

Image Source: www.cbsig.net

6 According To Mark Hamill of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker Could Be Gay

When the prequel episodes of Star wars debuted in the late seventies, Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker felt that the character could be gay. Hamill believed that Skywalker should not be judged by his love interests but by his character instead. Director JJ Abrams of The force Awakens supports the idea stating that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that homosexuals did exists in that particular world.

Mark Hamill of Star Wars

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

7 President Eisenhower Came Out Of Retirement to Denounce the Movie Battle of the Bulge

According to President Eisenhower, The battle of the bulge was such a gross misrepresentation of war history that he came out of retirement and held a press conference just so he could denounce it. Several facts weren’t mentioned in the movie such as the role played by the Afro American 761 tank battalion known as the blank panthers who fought in General Patton’s third Army.

Battle of the Bulge

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

8 Alice Cooper Gave Up Drinking In Favor Of Golf

This is one big fact that changes perspective of a personality who most may have thought wasn’t a figure you would want your children to follow. This is one big revelation that not many know about. Eccentric and legendary Rock singer Alice cooper also known as the god of shock Rock fought a battle with alcoholism and succeeded. He took to golf to combat the bottle and played six times a week. What’s even more amazing is the fact that he’s been an inspiration to his own group members battling alcoholism and has also helped other musicians with their own addiction problems. That’s Alice cooper for you.

Alice Cooper

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9 British and Japanese doctors used coconut water for intravenous drips in WW II

Due to the shortage of IV drips and saline, both Japanese and British doctors resorted to desperate measures. They used coconut water instead of saline to administer intravenous rehydration to wounded soldiers.

intravenous drips in WW II

Image Source: www.parentinghealthybabies.com

10 The Designer of the Titanic Was On Board When It Sank

There are many historical facts that change perspective which may have altered the course of history had people taken them seriously. The designer of ill famed Cruise ship Titanic was Thomas Andrews and Irish ship builder who advocated the use of a double hull and more water tight doors and more lifeboats as additional safety measures for the ship. However those suggestions were overruled. Unfortunately his last moments were spent in the evacuation while the ship sank.

Designer of the Titanic

Image Source: www.astrosurf.com


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