10 Facts How Men Are Unlike Women

Have you ever wondered why men and women are so different from each other? They think differently, they process emotions differently, they make decisions differently, they desire different things and face same problem in a different way. This question has led to researches all over the world by scientist and researchers.


The male heart weighs between 280 to 340 grams and is about 12 cms long, 8 to 9 cm wide and 6 cms thick while a female heart weighs between 230 to 280 grams. The heart continues to increase in weight and size up to an advanced period of life. This increase is more marked in men than in women. So a man’s heart is twice as likely as woman’s to lead to a stint in the intensive care ward and undergo bypass. Heart problems in men are more than women. Males are at a 36% higher risk of heart ailments if they are losing hair on the crown of their head. This is not true in females.

mens heart

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Physical attraction is twice as important for men than in women. According to psychologists, 47% of men need faithful partners as against 54% of women. What men find attractive in women are youthfulness, healthy looks, long and shiny hair and a waist that is roughly one-third narrower than the hips. What women find attractive in men are healthy looks, maturity, dominance and affluence. It is flattering to a woman to have a powerful man show interest in her.


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