15 Fascinating Facts About The USA You Never Learned in School

At school or college you may have heard several facts about the United States of America, however, there are many facts that remain untold about this vast country that are no less intriguing. Because of its physical and political geography, you get a diverse history, topography and culture that may date back thousands of years old and then you get a president who was a hangman. Like this and many more, you will be astonished top know certain facts about your own country which you may have never read anywhere before. Read on to know about the untold facts of America.


1 The grand old stars and stripes

Did you know that the country’s greatest symbol has a lot of history behind it? Historians believe there is no hard evidence to support that Betsy Ross designed the first American Flag nor was there any committee to discuss the flag in 1776. The current 50-star flag was actually part of a school project in 1958. It was Robert G Heft and his batch at Lancaster High School who were asked to redesign the American flag to incorporate Hawaii and Alaska. Heft’s creation was given a B minus but it was later changed to an A when his design was sent to Washington where it was selected by President Eisenhower.

The grand old stars and stripes

Image Source: www.almanac.com


2The Great Lakes

Yes! Americans are proud of their great lakes but did you know there is enough water in Lake Superior that can cover both continents of North and South America in one feet of water.

The Great Lakes

Image Source: assets.nrdc.org


3Americans eat a lot of Pizza

The amount of Pizza sold in America every day is enough to cover 100 acres of land. Statistics in 2016 say that about 1.26 million slices of pizza are sold every hour which means 350 million slices each day.

Americans eat a lot of Pizza

Image Source: quoracdn.net


4The largest Air Force

USA has the largest air force in the world. In fact, guess who has the second largest air force in the world. USA of course because the second largest air force is the US Marine Corps and US Navy combined.

us aircrafts

Image Source: media.bizj.us


5Old Man River

This is one fact about America that many don’t know. Three among the five oldest rivers in the world flow in the United States. They are The New, The Susquehanna and The French Broad Rivers. They are hundreds of millions years old.

Old Man River

Image Source: www.rd.com


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