10 Amazing facts about the Titanic which you never knew about

James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster movie “The Titanic” starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet will always go down as an emotional tear-jerker, being one of the highest grossing films of all time. However, there are quite a number of interesting anecdotes related to the making of Titanic which not everyone knows. Here are ten amazing facts about the Titanic.


1 Leonardao Di Caprio Wasn’t the Studio’s First Choice

The film’s studio sponsors, Paramount and 20th century Fox didn’t really want Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead role as Jack Dawson. They wanted Matthew Maconaughey. It was only when Cameron insisted that they relented.

Leonardao Di Caprio in titanic

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2 Guess What Winslet Did When She First Met Di Caprio

Kate Winslet is one good actress who believes in making a role as real as possible. To get Caprio comfortable with the fact that she would be nude in front of him, the first thing she did when she met Caprio alone was to flash him. That might have definitely zapped Caprio by surprise.

Kate Winslet

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3 Winslet Refused A Wet Suit and Ended Up Being Seriously Ill

Kate Winslet didn’t even want to put on a wetsuit in the ending water scene. But that was her undoing when she decided against it because she ended up catching Pneumonia. Was that foolishness or professionalism?

Leonardao Di Caprio and kate winslet

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4 Technical Errors

Even blockbusters have mistakes in technicalities, which can’t be missed. The size of the staircase was inaccurate as it featured one suited for real tall people but in 1912, that wasn’t so. Given the time period and the nature of the passengers on board, they were relatively shorter people.

inaccurate staircase in Titanic

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5 Cameron’s Obsession with Realism

Remember the scene when Rose is frantically locating Jack in the corridors of the sinking ship? Well, the filming was done on the Baja Mexico set and the gushing water in the interiors was actually water brought in from the Pacific Ocean. Winslet wasn’t acting when she reacted to the water because it was icy cold.

 Camerons Obsession with Realism

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6 The Costliest Film

Among the amazing facts of the Titanic, it should be mentioned that the movie ended up becoming one of the costliest films of the 20th century at a budget of $200,000,000. However, it also went on to become the highest grossing film of all time, till its record was broken by “The Avatar’, also made by James Cameron.

Titanic Costliest Film of its time

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7 The Real Infiltrator on the Upper Deck

On the real Titanic, the actual person who trespassed onto the upper deck wasn’t a man as portrayed by Caprio who crashed the party at the upper deck. Instead, it was a girl named Hilda Marie Hellstrom, who had sneaked up from the lower decks of the 3rd class passengers onto the upper decks, out of sheer curiosity and like Jack she was never caught.

Real Infiltrator on the Upper Deck

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8 No Song for the Titanic Was Cameron’s Initial Request

Cameron never really wanted a song to be included in the music score at the end. But the music director secretly recorded “My heart will go on” with the Pop diva Celine Dion and played it to Cameron, who was immediately impressed and the rest is history. The song went on to win an Academy Award in the category of best original song.

The song composed by James Horner and written by Will Jennings went on to become one of the best selling singles of all times. It was also Celine Dion’s biggest hit, topping all the charts worldwide.

Only song in Titanic

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9 Injuries

The scene in which Caprio and Jason Barry are required to smash one of the collapsible gates in the lower deck to free passengers was a bit too realistically enacted by the actors. It ended in Caprio dislocating a shoulder and Barry getting hit with the bench on his chin.

Leonardao Di Caprio

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10 James Cameron’s Tryst with the Real Titanic

One of the most amazing facts about the Titanic was that Cameron had actually spent a considerable length of time observing the real Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic. The eerie scene of the ship in its watery Grave so overwhelmed him that he spent more time with it than the actors.


How many even know the fact that Cameron is a certified deep sea diver and a National Geographic Explorer, who on March 26th 2012, created a record when he made a solo dive to the deepest part of the Ocean, The Challenger, deep within the Mariana Trench at 35000 Feet. Even the Submersible Vehicle was designed by Cameron himself.

Real Titanic

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