11 Facts About the Smartest Man Who Ever Lived and Yet We Don’t Know Much About Him

When it concerns any topic regarding the smartest man in the world, in most cases, the name of Albert Einstein tops the list. But, while Einstein had an IQ of 169, Newton on the other hand had a much higher IQ of 190. But it’s not Newton that is being referred to here because there was a man who not many even know about and he lived in USA. William James Sidis is by far one of the most brilliant men to walk this planet and his IQ far exceeded that of Einstein and Newton. Sidis had an IQ between 250-300. Imagine that! He was a child prodigy and exceptionally gifted man adept at mathematics, speaking a number of languages and an author. Unfortunately, though, he was not very well known which is why we bring you some facts on him.


1He was born in New York

William James Sidis was born In New York City in 1898. He fact that his parents too were geniuses explains his exceptional intelligence. Sidis’ father Boris worked as a psychologist and possessed four degrees from Harvard. His mother was also a doctor and thus it was natural that William would turn out to be like his parents. Instead, he proved to be far beyond that.

Facts About the Smartest Man Who Ever Lived

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2He started reading at the age of 18 months

At 1 and a half year, most children are busy speaking baby language and talking but Sidis had already passed that stage and was reading. By reading we don’t mean baby books and picture books. Sidis was reading newspapers like the New York Times.

He started reading at the age of 18 months

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3At 8 years old he spoke 8 languages

At 8 years old Sidis had already learned to speak 8 languages by himself. He knew Latin, French, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Armenian, German, and Greek. But if you think he was satisfied, here’s a man who would have been useful for all those fantasy movie makers because Sidis also invented his own language which he called “Vendergood.”

William James Sidis could speak 8 languages at age 8

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