16 Insane Facts About Switzerland That The Local Guides Won’t Tell You

13License to fish

If you want to go fishing in Switzerland, you cannot just do it. You have to get a license to go fishing. However, this is not very difficult. You need to take 9 lessons from a specialist. The goal of this training is to learn how to take a fish off the hook with minimal pain and suffering. Swiss logic is beyond our comprehension.

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14Eat your pet

In one of the most shocking aspects of Switzerland, there is a village called Appenzell where people are allowed to eat their pets. It can be dogs or cats, it doesn’t matter, the people eat their pets and it is legally allowed by the government. There have been many campaigners who are trying their best to persuade the government to change its mind about this law.

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15President for a year

The President of Switzerland holds office for only a year. In the last 10 years, 5 of them have been male and 5 have been female. This again shows extreme equality, progressiveness, and consciousness of the public. The present President of Switzerland is Ueli Maurer and he was elected on 1st January 2019.

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16Urinal in women’s restroom

Yes, you read the title right, there are urinals in women’s restrooms. You must be wondering why this was chosen to for women’s toilets but in fact, women do use this. Yes, women in Switzerland do use these urinals and this is quite a normal thing for them as strange as it might sound to us.

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