16 Insane Facts About Switzerland That The Local Guides Won’t Tell You

9Milk vending machines

Normally in a public place when you see a vending machine, it offers soft drinks or soda or snacks. In Switzerland, you can get milk from a vending machine! There is nothing odd about this practice there. Judging by the superior quality of their cattle, their Alpine grass-fed cows probably produce delicious milk!

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10Shops based on trust

In the villages in Switzerland, you will find a very unique practice that is based on trust, goodwill and community feelings. There are small shops with farm products that anyone can buy. There is no cashier and you have to put the money in a cardboard box. It would be easy for anyone to steal but the morality of the citizens is very strong.

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11A true Christmas

How do you know a country is rich? They decorate their Christmas tree with jewels. Yes, this is no joke. The Christmas tree at Zurich train station (which is one of the most important public places in the country) is decorated with thousands of real Swarovski crystals. As the picture shows, the massive tree looks absolutely gorgeous and exudes extravagance.

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12Swiss passports

Getting a Swiss passport is not easy. Firstly, to be eligible, one has to be living and working in Switzerland for 10 years. Secondly, one has to be living in the same city for at least 3 years. Thirdly, there is an exam that one has to take. The questions can relate to anything. Lastly, authorities will be talking to your neighbors to establish whether you have a good character or not. If you are not on good terms with neighbors you will have to retake the exam a year later.

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