16 Insane Facts About Switzerland That The Local Guides Won’t Tell You

5Leave for parents

Most countries allow a maternity leave of 3 to 6 months. Switzerland allows maternity leave of 3 months too. However, it is progressive in the sense that it also allows paternity leave. Most countries do not provide for paternity leave. But Switzerland acknowledges the role and duties of a new father and provides paternity leave, though it is only for 20 days.

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6Birth of a child

A birth is a momentous occasion for any family. Everyone wants to celebrate and spread the good news. In Switzerland, there is a unique way of doing this. Parents hang posters outside their house stating the name and date of birth of their little one so that neighbors can know and celebrate and congratulate.

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7Kids on a leash

There is a law that states that whenever people take their kids along on a trip to the mountains for hiking, the children must be put on a leash. This is a very basic and practical idea. In fact, it has saved the lives of thousands of children who would have fallen. The law may seem a little crude but it is very practical.

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8Grave space

In Switzerland, one of the most precious and prestigious gifts that you can give a loved one is grave space. Whether they are old or young, you can gift someone a grave space in a prestigious cemetery and it is a much-respected gift. It may seem odd to us, but most Swiss practices are beyond our comprehension.

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