16 Insane Facts About Switzerland That The Local Guides Won’t Tell You

Switzerland is a great country to visit and is visited by millions of tourists every year. But, for those who don’t live there don’t know about the many different aspects of the country and the laws that exist there. Switzerland is known for its chocolates and its watches.


But, like every country, there are many strong and weak points about the country. There are many weird things that are legal in Switzerland and many of these will make your jaw drop and look confused. If Switzerland is on your list of places you wish to visit you should read this article before.

1Doctors are protected

In Switzerland, you are lucky to be a doctor. Because of the pay, you will surely have economic stability. An added bonus is the fact that the country has provided for a law which will protect doctors from being charged with medical malpractice. This is a boon for doctors as they will not be charged with malpractice or professional impropriety if they fail to provide the correct diagnosis or treatment.

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2Compulsory military training

As we all know, Switzerland is a neutral country. They have never been a part of any military alliance. For fear of invasions, they require all their male citizens under the age f 55 to serve in the military. They have to undergo training for 3 weeks. However, this time is treated as a fun vacation. New recruits enjoy themselves and the training is paid for by employers.

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Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, the people are humble and efficient. The train service is enviable and almost all social classes travel by train. Trains depart every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Trains connect large cities to small villages and cover the whole country. From workers to farmers to CEOs, everyone travels on a train and cars are not popular at all.

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4Euthanasia legalized

While other countries are still debating on whether or not a person can voluntarily ask for their life to be ended, Switzerland is greatly progressed and has legalized euthanasia. As a result of this, ‘suicide tourism’ is very popular. Terminally people from all over the world come to Switzerland to end their life on their own terms. To do it legally, one has to consult a doctor and pay around $4,000.

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