16 Bizarre Facts About South Korea That Make It So Unique

5Futuristic architecture

One of the biggest landmarks of South Korea is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza which is in Seoul. It was designed by Zaha Hadid and Samoo and is currently well known for its neo-futuristic design. The landmark is often regarded as a centerpiece of South Korea’s fashion hub and is also a very popular tourist destination.


Image Source: visitseoul.net

6Visually disabled masseurs

Many people complain that their countries do not provide job opportunities for the visually impaired but South Korea has the issue sorted. For those willing to learn, they provide courses for the blind to become licensed masseurs. And the most interesting fact is that this law dates back to over 100 years in 1913 when Japanese colonialists created it for the blind to have jobs.


Image Source: amazonaws.com

7April 14th is “Black Day”

How often do we joke about a Valentine’s Day for singles? Well, South Korea has made it a reality. April 14th in South Korea is known as “Black Day” and is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated by singles. People wear black clothes and gather to share their plight of singlehood over noodles. Various black-colored foods are eaten, among them, jajangmyeon, a Chinese-Korean noodle dish with black sweet bean sauce.


Image Source: www.freepressjournal.in

8Koreans suffer from tetraphobia or fear of the number four

The Sino-Korean word for “four” is “sa” which sounds the same as the Korean word for “deceased” or “died.” Korean terms for 14 and 44 also have meanings related to death. This has caused many people to avoid the number. As a result, the number is skipped when rooms and floors are numbers, especially in hospitals and public buildings. Apartments with 4 in the apartment number have less real estate value.


Image Source: japanarmenia.com


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