16 Bizarre Facts About South Korea That Make It So Unique

South Korea’s past may have been dark but with help from other countries, it has managed to grow and evolve into one of the largest economies in the world. The country is highly developed and technologically advanced. It has managed to protect nature and develop at the same time.


Its food scene, unique architecture, culture and heritage are what attract millions of people to the country every year. There are, however, some unique facts about South Korea that may appear odd. If you want to know some interesting things about South Korea, read on. Here are some facts about South Korea and what makes it so unique.

1A heaven for net speed lovers

People around the globe who are sick of their Internet speeds will be envious of the Internet speeds the people of South Korea enjoy. The country has been known for having the world’s fastest Internet connection speeds. Reports indicate that the average broadband adoption rate is around 26.1 megabits per second. It is also known that the country has the best 4G coverage in the whole world.


Image Source: www.highspeedinternet.com

2One of the best food scenes in the world

There are 24 Michelin-starred restaurants in Seoul. Korean food has become immensely popular all over the world (we all love kimchi). Street food in South Korea is so popular that many tourists just go there to eat. Apart from Korean food, there are several other kinds of cuisines also available because Seoul is a global city and a melting pot of cultures.


Image Source: cloudfront.net

3Common surnames

Believe it or not but 44.6% of all surnames in South Korea are Kim, Park, or Lee. In 2000, nearly half the population had those surnames. It was between 2000 and 2015 when new surnames were introduced. Currently, the most popular surname is Kim with 21% usage, Lee with 14.8%, Park with 8.5%, Choi with 4.7%, and Jung with 4.4%.


Image Source: theepochtimes.com

4Newborns are considered to be 1-year old

It is called the “lunar age,” in which age is calculated quite differently than the rest of the world. The unit of the age of a person is referred to as ‘sal’. In South Korea, it is a tradition that newborn babies are referred to being a year old. Their birthday is also incremented on every New Year’s Day and not on their actual birthday.


Image Source: ezvivi.com


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