12 Lesser known facts about horror movie the sixth sense

The sixth sense was one of the most thrilling movies made by producer Manoj Night Shyamalan. As one of the most lovable ghost movies, the duo of Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment charmed their way into lives of their fans.


If you haven’t yet seen the Sixth Sense then you’ve missed a great flick. Here are some cool facts about the sixth sense that will keep you entertained.

1 Sixth Sense became the most sought after rental in 2000

A whopping 80 million people rented the Sixth Sense in 2000. It became the years highest selling and rented video.

Sixth Sense

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2 Manoj Night Shyamalan did a cameo in the movie

Did you catch him as the doctor in the movie? He even has a conversation with Bruce. Incidentally most of Shayamalan’s relatives are doctors.

Manoj Night Shyamalan

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3 Disney even fired the man who purchased the script

It was Disney Studios president David Vogel who discreetly purchased the script and gave it to Shyamalan to be its director. Disney studios enraged by his actions sacked him.

Disney even fired the man who purchased the script

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4 Many movie reviews underestimated its popularity

It was so undermined by Entertainment weekly that they did not even mention it in their list of top 134 movies of 1999. Talk about a dark horse.

Many movie reviews underestimated

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5 The movie was released on M. Night Shyamalan’s birthday

The movie was released on August 6th 1999 Manoj Night Shyamalan’s birthday.

M. Night Shyamalan's birthday

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6 The screenplay was sold in just one day

After producer Barry Mandel put the screenplay up for sale, it was grabbed in a day.

 The screenplay was sold

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7 The lead actress Toni Collette didn’t know it was a horror movie

This is one weird fact about the sixth sense where the lead actress never even knew she was in a horror movie till it was released. Now that’s weird. She actually thought it was an emotional drama.

actress Toni Collette

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8 Shyamalan wrote the script with Bruce Willis in mind

It seemed that Manoj Night Shyamalan was dead set on Bruce Willis as Malcolm Crowe and he even pictured the character with Willis in mind.

Shyamalan wrote the script with Bruce Willis

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9 The sixth Sense is just the fifth horror movie to win an Oscar nomination

Rarely have horror movies won Oscar nominations. Only five have received them being The exorcist, Jaws, Silence of the Lambs and Black Swan. Sixth Sense is the fifth.

The sixth Sense is just the fifth horror movie

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10 Michael Cera auditioned for the role of Cole Sear’

The Arrested development Star Michael Cera had auditioned for the role and was required to say the line “I see dead people’. It was Haley who got the role.

Michael Cera

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11 Bruce Willis got half salary

Disney paid Bruce Willis only half salary because he was responsible for halting one of their earlier productions “The Broadway Brawler” when he had fired the director. He was paid $10 million instead of $20 million.

 Bruce Willis got half salary

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12 Bruce Willis was instructed by Haley’s father to yell at him

One of the best facts about the Sixth Sense is that In order to get Haley Joel Osment to cry on the film, Bruce Willis was told to yell at him.

Bruce Willis

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