12 Crazy and super spy facts about Kingsman, The Secret Service

As spy movies go, Kingsman the secret service was unmatchable by all counts. Be it entertainment, acting or action, Kingsman surpassed all expectations and is one film I don’t mind seeing over and over again. Surprisingly though, the idea was conceived in a bar when makers Millar and director Vaughn decided to make the concept of a fun spy movie. What goes into making such a film is equally entertaining and with that in mind here are 10 super spy facts about Kingsman: the secret service.


1 The Storyline was loosely based upon a comic book series conceived by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons

The storyline of the movie was based on the comic named “the secret service’ created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. Millar has also worked on movies like Captain Amercia: Civil War, Wanted, Ultimate Fantastic Four and Kick Ass.

The-Secret Service movie

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2 The character of Gazelle the Assassin was initially conceived to be a muscular black guy

After watching Sofia Boutella in action as Gazelle, the assassin with machete prosthetic legs, who would want to settle for someone else. She wasn’t just perfect for the role, she also had those killer looks to match.

Gazelle the Assassin

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3 The Actor who plays Eggsy was terrified of dogs

And yet he was required in his role as Eggsy to adopt a little puppy. He was still scared even though it was a pint sized pug. Taron Egerton had to do his best to stay calm as he was more of a cat man.

The Actor who plays Eggsy

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4 Colin Firth did his own stunts

Colin Firth did 80% of his own stunts in kingsman because he wanted people to get surprised when it was captured on screen. Firth trained 3 hours per day and was supervised by Jackie Chan’s stunt team who visited his house for 6 months.

Colin Firth did his own stunts

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5 The incident of Mark Hamil’s cameo as professor James Arnold also took place in the comics

In the comic version, Hamil’s character Arnold was also kidnapped by bad guys.

Mark Hamil’s cameo

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6 Gazelle’s role was supposed to be played by Amy Purdy

An interesting fact about Kingsman was that amputee snowboarding champion Amy Purdy was supposed to play Gazelle but she opted out due to the Olympics.

Gazelle’s role

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7 Why did Samuel L. Jackson have a lisp in the movie?

It was Samuel L Jackson’s idea about his villainous character having a lisp as he had a similar speech impediment when he was young. Although the character wasn’t supposed to have one, he felt James Bond baddies all have some deformity.

Samuel L. Jackson


8 Oscar Pistorius inspired the ruthless villain and was even offered the role

Oscar Pistorius inspired the villainous character as a double amputee. He was also offered the role but declined because of training.

Oscar Pistorius

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9 The church fight scene is not screened in Indonesia

The reason why the church fight scene was banned in Indonesia is because authorities felt it would offend Christians. However the sexually suggestive ending remained uncensored.

The church fight scene in kingsman

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10 Emma Watson was initially considered for the character of Roxy

It’s a real shame that she wasn’t because that would have been interesting to watch. However it was a golden opportunity for Sophie Cookson who nailed the role.

Emma Watson in kingsman

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11 The underwater scene nearly killed the actors

During the underwater scene, computers malfunctioned making pumps go haywire by pumping water into the room too fast. All of the actors, cameramen and crew were instantly under 20 feet of water. There was panic everywhere but fortunately there were no fatalities.

underwater scene in the kingsman

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12 The director turned down X-Men: Days of Future Past to direct Kingsman instead

One of the most significant fact about Kingsman was that director Mathew Vaughn turned down the offer to do X-men days of the future Past to go do something fun instead. He chose to direct Kingsman. Vaughn made a correct decision because Kingsman grossed $414 million worldwide and became his most successful commercial date till date.


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