12 little known facts about America’s first female presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton

Any moment now and America will get its 58th president. Will Hillary Clinton make history by becoming the country’s first female president? Only the next few hours will tell. For Hillary Clinton, It would be a long hard road to the top. From battling family issues as the first lady to becoming the 67th secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has risen to become one of the key players in American politics. Pitted against the Donald Trump, Clinton is the clear favorite for the presidency. Here are 10 facts about Hillary Clinton.


1 In her freshman years Hillary Clinton campaigned for Republicans

Born into a politically conservative family, Hillary campaigned for votes in Chicago’s South Side when she was 13 in 1960. In 1964 she also campaigned for republican candidate Barry Goldwater. At Wellesley College she was the president of the young republicans and campaigned for John Lindsay for the post of Mayor of New York. However she had a change of mindset and described herself as a “mind conservative and heart liberal’

Hillary Clinton in college days

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2 Her first case as a lawyer was about a can of pork and beans

As a young and upcoming lawyer, Hillary defended a consumer company against a man who found a rat in his can of pork and beans. Part of Hillary’s argument was amusing as she stated in the courtroom that in various parts of the world rats were considered edible and during the caning process the rodent would have been sterilized. The case came to be known as the Rat’s Ass Case.

Her first case as a lawyer

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3 Hillary Clinton Was A Member Of The Inquiry Staff That Impeached Richard Nixon

In 1974, Hilary served as the member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington DC. The inquiry staff advised the house committee on judiciary impeachment matters. She was also part of the research procedure working under the guidance of Chief counsel John Doar and senior member Bernard. W.Nussabaum. It was this committee inquiries that led t the resignation of President Nixon in August of the same year.

Hillary Clinton Was A Member Of The Inquiry Staff That Impeached Richard Nixon

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4 Hillary refused bills proposals for two years

Hillary and Bill dated in 1971 when he was a law student at Yale. They started living together from summer of that year. She refused his first proposal in 1973 because she didn’t want her accomplishments to get lost in someone else’s limelight. She finally agreed to marry in 1975.

Hillary refused bills proposals for two years

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5 Hillary and Bill Clinton are from different Christian denominations

While Hillary Clinton is a Methodist, Bill Clinton is a Baptist. While she came from a conservative family, Bill had a troubled childhood with an alcoholic stepfather. Bill Clinton’s stepfather died three months before he was born.

Hillary and Bill Clinton

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6 Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service code name is “Evergreen”

When electronic communication was not totally encrypted, Secret service officials used the code word ‘Evergreen’ for Hilary Clinton. Bill Clinton’s code word was ‘Eagle’ while their daughter was simply ‘Chelsea”.

Hillary Clinton during a speech

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7 She is a remarkable trader in Futures

An interesting fact about Hillary Clinton is that in 1978, Hillary Clinton traded in futures and made $1000 into $100,000. It took her just 10 months to achieve that fantastic figure revealing her prowess in the stock market. Many critics claimed that the futures were risk free and her post as an Arkansas lawyer gave her an advantage. The white house released a statement saying that it was entirely her own money and that she had borne al risks associated with it. She gave up trading in 1980 saying she didn’t have the stomach for it.

Hillary Clinton during her election compaign

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8 Hillary Clinton served as a board member on Wal–Mart

By the year 1980 she was a board member of The Arkansas children’s hospital legal services, Children’s defense fund , TCBY, Lafarge, and Wal-Mart. Incidentally she was Wal-Mart’s first female Board member serving between 1986-1992.

Hillary Clinton served as a board member on Wal–Mart

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9 She was in the top 100 list of most influential lawyers in America

In both 1988 and 1991, Hillary Clinton was named by the American Law Journal as among the top 100 most influential lawyers. During her stint as first lady of Arkansas, she received several awards that included an honorary doctorate from Arkansas University.

Hillary Clinton in most influential lawyers in America

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10 Hillary Clinton won a Grammy in 1997

In 1997 Hilary Clinton won a Grammy for best spoken word in the Non musical album category. The award was for the audio version of her book “It takes a village” during the 39th Grammy awards. The Book was published in 1996. The book was her vision for the children of America.

Hillary Clinton won a Grammy in 1997

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11 Hillary Clinton has never driven a car since 1996

All former presidents and first ladies are not allowed to drive cars under the secret service protection rules. She revealed that she missed driving and hasn’t been behind a wheel since 1996.

Hillary Clinton has never driven a car since 1996

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12 Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be nominated for the presidency

Among facts about Hillary Clinton, this will be the most significant she is the first woman nominee for the presidency. She was the first female senator from New York and the first female chair person of the legal services corporation and first female partner of Rose law firm, the third oldest in New York.

Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be nominated for the presidency

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