10 Lesser known facts about the 45th President of USA, Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. Never regarded as a favorite to win, Trump proved everyone wrong by winning the elections by a huge margin. Till the start of the ballot, many believed that Hillary Clinton would become President but that was not to be as America voted its answer. He faces his biggest challenge yet in unifying the great US of A. Here are 10 lesser known facts about Donald Trump.


1 Donald Trump has never done drugs, smoked or Drank Alcohol

Donald Trump has never ever consumed alcohol, done drugs or smoked cigarettes. One reason could be due to the fact that his brother, Fred, was an alcoholic who died from his addiction. However, Fred had warned him against drinking alcohol.

Donald Trump during his speech

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2 His Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Trump has his own personal Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. He received this honor in 2007, becoming the 2,327th star for his role as producer of NBC’s the Apprentice.

Donald Trump Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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3 Trump has a Game named after him

‘Trump: The Game’ is actually a board game named after Donald Trump, thereby making him the only presidential candidate with a board game. Although, it was launched in 1989 it was shortly discontinued due to bad reviews and dull sales.

Trump has a Game named after him

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4 Donald Trump Filed for Bankruptcy Four Times

Trump may never have personally filed for bankruptcy, but the different businesses under him have done so on four occasions. Before becoming a presidential candidate or a star on reality television, Trump used to be a really famous tycoon for real estate. His specialties involved building as well as operating remarkable hotels and casinos. Despite this, the Trump Taj Mahal along with the Trump Plaza respectively underwent Chapter 11 bankruptcy the former in the year 1991 and the latter in 1992. But, in 1995 they reorganized into the Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts. This company also filed for bankruptcy again in 2004. Once again it reformed under the new name of Trump entertainment, but due to global recession in 2009 this new company too, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Donald Trump shoing Thumbs up

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5 The British Parliament debated on allowing Donald Trump to enter Britain

Believe it or not the British Parliament did indeed assemble to debate whether Donald Trump should be granted permission to visit Britain or not. This debate was held after more than 250,000 Britons signed a petition to deny him entry.

British Parliament

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6 Trump’s Inheritance Alone was enough to make him a Billionaire

Donald Trump inherited so much money from his father that he would have the same net worth if he would have just put his inheritance in an index fund. He could have sat around and done nothing and just let his money accumulate instead of working.

Trump’s Inheritance

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7 Donald Trump is a Germaphobe

Interestingly Trump is germaphobe who doesn’t like shaking hands. If in certain instances he is compelled to shake hands, he uses a peculiar method of pulling the other person close towards his body.

Donald Trump is a Germaphobe

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8 He ran for President in 2000

Trump ran for President as a candidate from the Reform Party in the year 2000. In doing so, he acquired support from Jesse Ventura who wanted to be Vice President. He managed to win the primaries of Michigan and California, but eventually dropped out of the race.

Trump ran for President as a candidate

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9 He went to Military School

Trump went to elementary and middle school in Queens, New York. However, in his teens he was attributed to trouble. For bad behavior his parents sent him off to New York Military Academy, to have him straightened out.

Donald Trump in Military School

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10 Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr and Marla Maples fought over him in Aspen

Here’s a fun fact about Donald Trump. While being married to Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr, Trump on the sidelines had an illicit affair with Marla Maples. Ivana found out about this affair they were in Aspen, on vacation. At a restaurant there Ivana had a confrontation with Marla there. The ruckus caused by the confrontation got plenty of press coverage, to which Donald remarked was great for business. Thereafter, Donald and Ivana divorced.

Donald Trump's three wives

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