A Facebook post has made this husband an internet sensation

What is Love?? Well, we are not going to break into writing the lyrics of this Haddaway song here. We actually wanted to give you an answer to that question by this heart touching moment. What you are about see may be a small gesture of a husband to show his affection, but that is what love is all about. Libby Sanders is the lucky woman here, who has the sweetest and the kindest husband. Take a look at how a Facebook Post with two pictures has made this husband into an internet sensation.


1 The Facebook Post

On May 2, Libby Sanders, a 37-year-old Nurse from Jasper, Indiana, had put two pictures and had written something about them. But even in her wildest of dreams, she could not have thought that a Facebook post would make her and her husband, the stars of internet. Without further ado, let us tell you what she wrote. Her post read:

“This is who I married….


I was painting my nails and made a comment that I forget I don’t have to paint my pinky nail on my left hand. I simply forget that I lost my pinky, but it is always kind of a bummer when I am reminded. Matt said “I will be your surrogate pinky. You can paint my pinky to match your nails for the rest of our lives”

And so we did….


I cannot image a sweeter, kinder man. No words adequately describe our love.”

This post has been shared 120,131 times till now and the numbers are just increased.

The Facebook Post

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2 How did this happen?

This cute couple is going to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary in September. Now, you must be wondering what happened to Libby’s finger. Well, here it goes.


When Libby came back home one day in February, she had a freak accident with a door. She was trying to shut the door really hard and in the process broke her finger. She says, “I broke the door and the handle snapped off. A piece of it snagged my pinky and it bruised really badly.” She went see a couple of hand surgeons in nyc, but till then a part of her hand had died and she had to have it amputated in March. Though she is an optimist by nature, she had somehow started to become self-conscious about that missing finger. She says that Matt used to say he would hold the hand in his pocket or with his right hand. Matt has always been a loving husband and this incident only made him love Libby more and more.

How did this happen?

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3 Always Together!

As you can see, the pictures have two hands. The one which has the pinky finger painted is of Matt’s and above that is Libby’s hand. One can see the beauty of their relationship just by these two pictures.

Now you see, why this husband and his small gesture of getting his pinky finger painted is winning the hearts of millions. They usually love to end their day in their bedroom in front of the TV and this is when Libby used to give herself manicures and loved coloring her nails in colors she liked. She says that they were watching one of those Housewives franchises, when it all started. They were on their bed laughing hard and when she was painting her nails, she went on to paint her left pinky finger. She said that she was not used to not doing it as she did this always. She went on to say, “I had a sad look on my face, and I painted my husband’s pinky and he said ‘I’ll be your surrogate pinky for the rest of our lives’ and that was that.”

Always Together

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The couple now changes their nail paint color every week and right now they have a burgundy shade on. Libby says that Matt kind of likes it as he sees it throughout the day and that reminds him of her. Both of them are in their second marriage and have known each other since high school. But their romantic connection started later in life. Libby used to work with Matt’s sister and it was she who had suggested that the two should go on dinner. And as they say, rest is history. Libby is proud to have Matt as her husband and they surely are the sweetest couple we have seen in the recent times. May their bond only grow stronger!!


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