Facebook post by a man makes us want to hug our mother NOW!!

We all love our mothers; hubbies love their wives and so on. However, as a husband, it gets tough to always compliment and realize the worth that his wife has as a mother of their kid. In a world that is running ahead of time, in a shell that is perpetuated by a rat race always, there is very little time to actually go back and think how and what somebody is doing. Most of us have begun to take people for granted. An interesting post on Facebook caught our attention and even before we could comment, this has gone viral. One father has gone ahead and written a post to his fiancé Charlotte, who is also mom to his son. The post reveres her and appreciates her for all the things she does round the day. True, in a world of competition, moms who stay at home might not always be hailed as the epitomes of success. But trust us, being such a mom is tougher than running a business conglomerate.


The post comes with a click of the sleeping kid and mother Charlotte and here is what it reads. “When I come from work she is always ‘tired.’ Now it’s me who has been at work doing stuff all day, but lately I’ve been thinking what this amazing woman does while I’m out . . . surely she just sits with the baby and watches TV and has a chilled day right? NO is the answer.” (The Post is reproduced as seen on Facebook). His actual post can be found in the link below.

1 All That A Mother Does!

We are truly touched by the way Tony (the poster) has gone on to say that it is a sacrificial streak that makes a mom, bring up her child. While we all underestimate these moms and might have even taken for granted all the work that our moms did while they bought us up, it is essential to note that it is only for puny sacrifices that a child grows up to be somebody who others admire.


Tony went ahead and pointed the fact that when a baby is hungry, the moms leave all their work to feed him or her. Despite not having her meals on time, a mom will rush to feed her kid. In fact, he states that Charlotte even gets up from her nap only to feed the child. Have we ever thought how tough it might be for a mom to get up and run along with the baby clock! She might not even had combed her hair or done up her laundry. Yet, the mom is always on duty. Kudos!

All That A Mother Does!

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2 Our Love For Mother Increases

The post by Tony makes us think how moms keep it together for the rest of the day after having had no sleep and no rest. That is how moms are meant to be –we say but then, this is easier said than done, have you thought if you could get up an hour earlier than when you do even for a meeting? Well no! Moms are different and they truly deserve all the respect in the world. Our mother is precious and it is time we appreciate her besides the occasional Mother’s Day card that we send over.

Our Love For Mother Increases

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As Tony puts it, “Respect the mother of your child. She is a special type of human that has given up everything to bring up your baby. Truly love my two sleeping babies and they both deserve their rest.”


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