Facebook, Microsoft and Google officially support Apple against the FBI

Apple’s ensuing fight with the FBI and its support from unexpected rivals Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft has turned the recent Apple vs. FBI case into a great big ball game making the four giants of Silicon Valley rally behind Apple in its standoff with the US Judiciary and the FBI. The IT majors will stanchly support Apple in its stance of refusing to hack the iPhone of the terrorist involved in the San Bernardino killings on Dec 2nd 2015.


1 Apple refused to comply with FBI to hack its iPhone

When a terrorist couple opened fire with automatic weapons killing 14 people and injuring 22 in the inland regional center of San Bernardino, the FBI uncovered an apple iPhone 5C from the dead assailants. When the FBI sought Apple’s help in hacking the phone for vital information, Apple refused citing user privacy policy. The case of Apple VS the FBI is still making news in the US with both parties inviting mixed responses from noted personalities, politicians and the general public.

The FBI wanted Apple to hack into its phone operating system to disable its security features. Apple flatly refused claiming it would not only go against its own company policies but the move would put all iPhone users at risk of security and privacy.

Apple refused to comply with FBI to hack its iPhone

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2 Court Order against Apple!

The subsequent face-off led the FBI to issue a court order against Apple to create a kind of software that would allow the hacking. However Apple opposed the order.


According to Apple, a new court application for a magisterial order could end up forcing the company to comply with the FBI. However this could well put the iPhone at risk of being hacked by criminals in the near future where the privacy of users will be well and truly compromised.

This has put all of Silicon Valley in a quandary and major companies are openly voicing support for Apple where the big three, Facebook, Microsoft and Google officially support Apple against the FBI. They would provide legal support to consolidate Apple’s position.

Court Order against Apple!

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3 FBI Claims It Just Needs Information on Terrorist but Apple Refuses

Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that if the FBI is successful, the government could well make Apple spy on its users using their own phone cameras and microphones. It would start an unhealthy precedent which is what the company is trying to avoid.


According to the FBI, all they are asking is for apple to provide technical assistance in accruing information on the San Bernardino killers. All they need is for Apple to remove the security locks on the phone. To quote FBI director James Comey, “we couldn’t look the survivors in the eye if we did not follow this lead.”

FBI Claims It Just Needs Information on Terrorist but Apple Refuses

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4 Apple Gets Mixed Response by US Government

Attorney General Loretta Lynch in defense of the FBI has stated, “I understand why this is important to everybody, because privacy is an important issue for everyone.” He further added, “It’s important to me as the attorney general, it’s important to me as a citizen.”

Lynch said that they are basically asking Apple to help them disable the password erase function, which can wipe the phone if the password is guessed wrong 10 times.


The US congress was unanimous in its statement of challenging the judiciary committee in its consideration of wanting to make Apple unlock the phone owned by one of the terrorists Farookh. The terrorist together with his wife was instrumental in killing 14 people but both were shot dead by law enforcers.

Apple Gets Mixed Response by US Government

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5 Apple to Meet Its Ides of March This Month. Who Will Win?

Privacy advocates have questioned the hypocrisy of companies who make millions in the systematic collection of data and personal information notably user behavior, for the sake of ad revenue. Ed Snowden, a former government contractor went on record to state that the government claiming only Apple can hack their iPhone was a laughing matter. He stated the level of the NSA or National Security Agency’s ability to conduct surveillance on user data where user’s networks were reputedly tapped without prior knowledge.

Facebook, Microsoft and Google now officially support Apple against the FBI where they have joined hands to stand aside Apple in the legal battle that may culminate in a milestone decision by US courts later this month. Even Android, Google’s partner is in the fray declaring support for Apple. It will be interesting to see who wins. Who do you think should win??

Apple to Meet Its Ides of March This Month. Who Will Win?

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