Facebook, Microsoft and Google officially support Apple against the FBI


Apple’s ensuing fight with the FBI and its support from unexpected rivals Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft has turned the recent Apple vs. FBI case into a great big ball game making the four giants of Silicon Valley rally behind Apple in its standoff with the US Judiciary and the FBI. The IT majors will stanchly support Apple in its stance of refusing to hack the iPhone of the terrorist involved in the San Bernardino killings on Dec 2nd 2015.

1 Apple refused to comply with FBI to hack its iPhone

When a terrorist couple opened fire with automatic weapons killing 14 people and injuring 22 in the inland regional center of San Bernardino, the FBI uncovered an apple iPhone 5C from the dead assailants. When the FBI sought Apple’s help in hacking the phone for vital information, Apple refused citing user privacy policy. The case of Apple VS the FBI is still making news in the US with both parties inviting mixed responses from noted personalities, politicians and the general public.

The FBI wanted Apple to hack into its phone operating system to disable its security features. Apple flatly refused claiming it would not only go against its own company policies but the move would put all iPhone users at risk of security and privacy.

Apple refused to comply with FBI to hack its iPhone

Image Source: www.theatlantic.com


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