Facebook has a secret and hidden message box and this is how to find it

Social networking has become an integral part of modern day life. People use it to document their everyday lives and even businesses have found out a use for the social media to make profits from it and increase the number of the customers that they have for their product.


There are many social media sites catering to all types of customers. You have Instagram for people who like to share photos of themselves and other things, you have Twitter for people who like to be kept abreast with the breaking and latest happenings in the world.

But for all, there has to be one ruler and that ruler is the all in one social networking site, Facebook. It has almost 1.04 billion active users each day on an average, but Facebook has been known to play sneaky tricks on customers. Here is something new that some users found out in the message box area of their profile.


1 Messages

The messages on Facebook are a way to chat in private with a certain person or create a group amongst people to have discussions. Your chats and messages can be sent and received in real-time and if the other person is not online at the time, these messages are saved for them to read afterwards.

Mostly only people who are in your friend list can send you messages, if you have set it in that way. Their messages are stored in the main inbox for you to read and reply. But people, who don’t know you, may also send you messages or invites, but their messages are filtered and stored separately and to see them you have to go to that particular message box. Spam messages according to Facebook’s algorithm may be kept hidden from you and filtered out of the main box.


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2 The secret hidden message box

Recently some users found out that messages from strangers or someone who is not in your friend list gets filtered out and stored in a secret hidden message box. Facebook may choose to notify you if it thinks you know the person. Anything else is simply filtered out as spam.


Now you may think that not all messages can be spam and some can be useful as well. You are correct, you may get messages for job opportunities or from relatives you haven’t heard for a while and may be anything life changing.

Here is how you can find that hidden message box in the Facebook messenger:

The secret hidden message box

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  • Go to the messenger app.
  • Tap on the settings icon.
  • Tap on people.
  • Tap message requests
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap “See filtered requests”

3 Reactions to the hidden message box

There have been instances of furious anger and uproar against Facebook’s one-sided decision to hide messages from it users. Many of the users have posted (ironically) on Facebook about how very important messages were filtered out by Facebook, just because they came from someone who were not in their friend list.


One user said that his wife received a message from a cousin, which she found out now, when the said cousin passed away since the message was sent. Another user found out that someone had tried to contact her on Facebook about her missing passport, but the message got filtered.

Reactions to the hidden message box

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Do comment below, if you had any important messages that you missed thanks to Facebook’s policy.


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