Fabian Cousteau reveals his spectacular record breaking experience of Living Underwater for 31 days

Till no we have heard of space walks and astronauts living in the space station for over a year But!! While it isn’t beyond technology to ensure a comfortable space stay, living underwater even for a couple of days is no mean feat and extremely risky too. After 50 years Fabien Cousteau the grandson of legendary Jacques Cousteau has accomplished the feat of living in a research lab underwater for 31 days.

Fabien Cousteau revealed to reporters what life was like in his month long stay under the waves in the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary.


1 Jacques Cousteau the first man to live underwater

The first man to live under water was Fabian’s legendary grandfather, the great Jacques Cousteau who spent a month underwater in the red sea. Fabian has equaled his grandfather’s feat with a team who has collected scientific data that will cover 3 years of study.

Over the course of his living underwater for 31 days, Cousteau experienced an amazing and spectacular world witnessing several new species and breathtaking phenomena common to the marine world. His team has also conducted a number of experiments yielding valuable data for future prospects of life in the deep.

Jacques Cousteau the first man to live underwater

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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