15 Extremely Rare Genetic Features That You Probably Don’t Have

11Extreme hair growth

This is one of the rarest mutation on the list, and around 50 people have been affected since the Middle Ages. It wouldn’t be such a problem if the extreme hair growth was focused on specific parts of the body, like for example having a great beard. But unfortunately, that’s not the case and the excess amount of hair grows all over their body.

Extreme hair growth

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12Different eye color

And yet one more extremely rare and sort of cute gene mutation. People born with this condition, also known as heterochromia, have two different eye colors, or two different colored sections in each eye. Heterochromia is extremely rare and it only affects 1% of the world’s population.

Different eye color

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13Double eyelashes

Some girls need to buy and use cosmetic products to make their eyelashes look better and larger. And other are born with double eyelashes. Well, life is not always fair. But, the genetic abnormality in the FOXC2 gene is not all positive. It can also cause severe irritation and problems with vision.

Double eyelashes

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14The no sleep gene

Just like we mentioned in the intro, some people don’t need to sleep 8h per night to fully function. Well, isn’t that a treat! Between 1% and 3% of humans can operate on virtually no sleep with only few negative side-effects. People like Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo da Vinci, and Ben Franklin were all carriers of this trait.

The no sleep gene

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15Accelerated aging

People born with the genetic disorder known as Progeria age at a remarkably quick rate. The average life expectancy for the unfortunate few who are born with this disorder is only 13-20 years. There’s still no cure or treatment for accelerate aging disorder.

Accelerated aging

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