15 Extremely Rare Genetic Features That You Probably Don’t Have

6Almost like piercing

It looks like piercing, but it’s not. It’s just a harmless hole on the outer ear known as the preauricular sinus. This congenital condition is completely harmless and has no function at all. But it can make you feel special because it is found in less than 1% of the population.

Almost like piercing

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7Stretch out your ligaments

People born with Marfan syndrome are often lanky, tall and have elongated limbs, especially those who are severely affected. This disorder can affect the eyes, blood vessels, the heart and the skeleton. But those who are not severely affected are born with long and stretchy ligaments.

Stretch out your ligaments

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8The unique blood type

This unique blood type or also known as the golden blood is found in only around 40 people in the world. Not 4% or 40% but only 40 people share this unique blood type. Even though it’s known as the gold blood type, it’s not actually gold. People with this blood type are missing all Rh-blood cell antigens.

The unique blood type

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9The unpleasant smell gene

This is something between a curse and a gene. Very small number of people are born with genetic disorder. The human body uses a certain enzyme to break down the smelly chemical known as trimethylaminuria. People born with mutation in the FMO3 gene constantly emit an unpleasant smell.

The unpleasant smell gene

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10Few extra ribs

Having few extra ribs sounds painful, and that’s because it is. Very few people are born with extra ribs, and they’re usually placed just below the neckline. The mutation can cause pain because the extra ribs could press organs, nerves or even blood vessels.

Extra ribs

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