15 Extremely Rare Genetic Features That You Probably Don’t Have

This is not the script for the next X-men or any other similar fictional movie. These rare genetic features are real, and they’re extremely rare. Some of them are positive, and some of them are not. The genetic features you’re about to see are not quite super-hero movie material. In fact, some of them are not even noticeable.


Like for example the no-sleep genetic feature. Most of the population requires the standard eight hours per night sleep session to function. But there’s a small group of people who can easily get away with only a few hours (2-3) per night without any significant side effects.

And isn’t that awesome? People who have this gene can easily use those 5 extra hours to improve their career, or simply enjoy life.


It is a desirable advantage indeed. But very few of us are lucky to have this gene and other from the list below.

1Unbreakable bones

Well, we stand corrected. The unbreakable bones gene sounds like something from a super-hero movie. The genetic mutation known as LRP5 was discovered in 1994 after a serious car crash. The man involved in the crash had no broken bones at all.

Unbreakable bones

Image Source: ranker.com

2Super strong children

You’ve probably seen the body-builder of a bull that went viral on the internet. Well, the same gene can be found in humans but in extremely rare occasions. People carrying this gene develop strong muscles. It starts from a young age, and kids are born with well-defined muscles and greater strength than children of similar ages.

Super strong children

Image Source: www.entertales.com

3Some people can’t contract HIV

HIV is one of the scariest disease out there. But unfortunately, only 1% of Northern Europeans are actually resistant to the HIV infection. The genetic mutation known as CCR5 delta 32 makes the CCR5 co-receptor smaller than it usually is, which means the HIV virus cannot enter cells.

Some people can’t contract HIV

Image Source: www.studiolonline.net

4Some women can see 100 million colors

Women are already superior to men when it comes to colors. Men only recognize one type of blue, there’s no ocean, sky or deep blue. But women who are born with the fourth cone are capable of seeing up to 100 million colors. People with three cones can see about one million colors.

Some women can see 100 million colors

Image Source: nymag.com

5No high cholesterol or heart disease

Being born without a certain working gene is far from good news…unless that gene is PCSK9. This is probably one of the few missing genes that is actually beneficial to us. People born without function PCSK9 gene have a 90% reduced risk of heart disease and on top of that, they don’t even have to worry about high cholesterol either.

No high cholesterol or heart disease

Image Source: ahajournals.org


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