16 Extraordinary Facts about Things That Seem Too Insane To Be True

9Archerfish can recognize people’s faces

Archerfish are more than you thought they could be. They can recognize human faces which was proved in research at Oxford University. Their facial recognition capacity and accuracy was more than 80%.

Image Source: tollebild.com

10The height of The Eiffel Tower changes in summer and winter

As weird as it sounds, the Eiffel tower changes in height depending on the season. This is because it is made of metal and increases by 5.9 inches in summer when it is hot due to the expansion of metal.

The height of The Eiffel Tower
Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

11You can hear the sound of the big bang in empty channels

The big bang started with a massive light explosion expanding in all directions. The noise that you hear in empty channels is the trace of that explosion which means you can still hear some traces of the birth of our universe.

Image Source: .tosshub.com

12There is a fish that can climb rocks

The Thai fish called Cryptotora thamicola can actually climb rocks. This is the only fish on earth that can actually walk because of its developed pelvis. It uses its flipper-like limbs which helps it to climb.

Image Source: wired.com

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