Everyone should salute this Russian cop. Read to know the reason why?

People are good. They are capable of doing acts that warranty immeasurable courage and acts of extreme valour. People in history have been putting their lives in order to save people in distress. Good Samaritans have been saving people and children from drowning, from burning buildings and from keeping them from committing suicide.


One such courageous person is Russian cop Alexander Kosolapov, who saved the lives of 300 school children without caring for himself.

1 The incident that saved 300 lives of children

The incident that saved 300 lives of children

Image Source: www.siberiantimes.com


Russian police officer Alexander Kosolapov was escorting 9 school buses containing 300 children to a field trip to the town of Abakan in Siberia. During the journey, the officer saw an oncoming car at a very high speed heading straight towards the busses on the Abakan-Ak-Dovurak highway.

In order to save the lives of the 300 children, he manoeuvred his car in the path of the oncoming car without thinking for a second more.

Russian police officer Alexander Kosolapov

Image Source: www.vcmedia.vn

2 The Scenario

The oncoming car had 5 passengers in it including a 10 year old child. Kosolapov saw the car coming at high speed towards the bus and it had also crossed the divider and was on the wrong direction on the highway.


Kosolapov, who was driving a Ford Focus, had to make a split second decision in order to do something. If the car had hit the bus, it may have caused an accident and a chain reaction could have occurred resulting in causalities of over 300 school children and other school staff.

The Scenario

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3 The Accident

Officer Kosolapov decided to act in a split second and swerved his car into the oncoming path of the car and the resulting accident caused both the cars to go off the road. ‘The officer quickly assessed the situation and risking his own life, he managed to prevent a head-on collision,’ said a police source.

Both the cars collided at some serious speed and the resulting impact demolished the two cars completely. The passengers of the other cars suffered minor injuries. “As a result of the massive collision the patrol car was literally turned into a pile of metal. According to the experts, it’s a miracle the police officer is still alive.” said an official of the Khakassian police force.

The Accident

Image Source: www.img.rt.com

4 The after math of the accident

Officer Kosolapov suffered serious injuries and it is a miracle according to his doctors that he is still alive and recuperating in the hospital.


The Toyota that was being driven on the wrong way was carrying 5 passengers. All the passengers including a 10 year old child survived the collision with minor injuries. The children aboard the school buses were also safe and were thankful to the brave cop who didn’t think twice before putting his own life on the line in order to save their lives.

Both the police officials and doctors are amazed that Kosolapov survived the accident as the collision turned his car into a pile of metal. Also a case has been registered against the driver of the uncontrolled car.

The after math of the accident

Image Source: www.cdn.rt.com


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