13 Common Everyday Things You Never Knew Had a Purpose

There are many hidden features present in the simplest things in life which we don’t really know about. It could be it a beverage cup, a baby’s garment or even a pizza box. There is a purpose for everything implements in the designs of these items which none of us actually know about.  There is actually a purpose for every detail on a design. Manufacturers in their consideration to make life easier and convenient for consumers so that they purchase more have incorporated easy hacks to manipulate the packaging and consume the items easier. Simple t-shirts as well as microwave ovens can share a special purpose. This article will let you know about the amazing things the simplest objects can do.


1A hole on a lid

You obviously have noticed small holes in the lid of coffee cup. The main reason to provide such holes is so that insulation is available for the heat released from the beverage. It will prevent the lid from dislodging as the steam escapes from the hole. The chances of getting burned decreases if the hole is present on the lid. Hot beverages are provided with lids so that the beverage remains hot. Buttons are provided so that it’s easy for workers to understand what they are serving to their customers. On the button, the beverage’s name will be printed or stuck over it so that when serving they just have to press that button.

Image Source: adme.ru

2The magnetic locks on fuel hoses at gas stations

Many drivers have the bad habit of driving away leaving the fuel nozzle and hose inserted in the car. Loss is suffered by many gas stations in this way.  Magnetic nozzles have been made so that the dispenser doesn’t get damaged and also prevents the leakage of fuel. The fuel marketer can again attach the breakaway device which will be fully functional as soon as it is finished.

Image Source: liked.hu

3Bubble baths

Just as nice bubbles look, they are helpful too. Bubbles provide heat insulation. Hot water without bubbles can get colder faster in comparison to the water having bubbles on top. Modern acrylic bathtubs are the most suitable for hot bubble baths.  Whereas in other places, the layer of bubbles does not provide insulation so the temperature drops faster.

Image Source: www.ninschubur.de

4A detachable vehicle headrest

If you experience a hard brake or accident, the headrest becomes your savior as it prevents your head from moving back. Along with the combination of seat belts and air bags, we wouldn’t be harmed. There is also a hidden function in a headrest.


You can use a headrest to escape if you ever get locked inside a car. A headrest has to be taken off from the seat and one of the pegs of the headrest attachment has to be pushed into the gap where the window goes up and down, inside the seal. You have to push it down to a few inches and have to pull the headrest towards yourself.

Image Source: thematicnews.com

5A square spoon

People mostly don’t know the reason of getting a square-shaped spoon for eating their ice cream. As a matter of fact, it was not made like that for being convenient to the customer. The ice cream toppings are mixed with the dessert with the machine where the spoon hooks onto the machine. Thus, more time is saved from making desserts and they don’t even have to wash the machine every time.

Image Source: thematicnews.com

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