15 Everyday Ordinary Things That Have Hidden Features That You Did Not Know About

11Holes in pen caps

Have you ever noticed the tiny holes in the caps of all the pens we use? Have you ever wondered why they are present or what is the use of their design? These were created with children in mind who could easily swallow these caps. Even if swallowed the children could breathe thanks to the tiny hole.

Holes in pen caps

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12The hole in the tab of a soda can

For years many of us thought the hole on the tab of a soda can was there to provide better grip and make it easier to open but the truth is a bit more interesting. The hole is there for your straw. It is a place holder that makes it easier to keep your straw. As it is a bit small, the straw placed will stay in place.

The hole in the tab of a soda can

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13The tiny bit of fabric

When you buy a new shirt or pant you get a tiny bit of extra fabric with a button in a tiny zip lock bag. Many people know the extra button is for when the original falls off but the fabric? This is actually there for two reasons. The first is to test your cleaning product to make sure it does not harm the fabric. The second use is to show the store owner what type of fabric you’re looking for when you want to buy something else in the same fabric.

The tiny bit of fabric

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14The paper condiment cups

Have you ever seen the paper cups restaurants serve condiments in? Did you ever wonder why they’re using those tiny paper cups instead of plastic ones? These paper cups were designed to open out into small trays so that you can reach your condiments better. Not only are these safe for the environment but they are also easy to produce and fold.

The paper condiment cups

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15The detachable headrests

Most cars today come with a detachable headrest. There is a very important reason why these were designed this way. The glass on these cars is very hard to break. So, during the event of an accident, these headrests can be removed and their metal ends can be used to break the glass. The headrest provides weight and the two metal bars attached are strong enough to break the glass.

The detachable headrests

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