15 Everyday Ordinary Things That Have Hidden Features That You Did Not Know About

6A drawer under the oven

In most ovens today you will notice a drawer under the main oven. Most people keep their frying pans and other utensils in it but it was not designed for that use. It was designed to keep just prepared food warm. You basically cook something in the oven then place it in the drawer to keep it warm while something else cooks inside.

A drawer under the oven

Image Source: yaem.com

7The hole between the camera and flash on an iPhone

This is something that most people did not know about until recently. If you own an iPhone you must have noticed a tiny hole on the back between the camera and flash. This hole is a secondary noise-canceling microphone that helps improve the quality of calls.  Most android phones have this microphone on the top of their device while Apple keeps it on the back.

The hole between the camera and flash on an iPhone

Image Source: www.teepr.com

8Extra holes in your sneakers

While shoe-shopping you might have noticed extra holes on some sneakers. These look like you can thread a lace through them and you are right. These extra holes are designed for people who want their shoes a bit tighter. They can thread their lace through these holes before tying it on the top. This makes the shoe a lot tighter than usual.

Extra holes in your sneakers

Image Source: genial.guru

9The end of a toothpick

If you ever see a wooden toothpick take a look at the end part of it. The end part of the toothpick is not a design for looks but in fact, it has some use. In Japanese tradition that end part is broken off and used as a stand so that the front tip of the toothpick does not touch any surface. This keeps it clean and ready for another use. This also lets people know that the toothpick has been used.

The end of a toothpick

Image Source: yaem.com

10Chinese Take-Out Boxes

This is something that a lot of people even today are unaware about. The boxes that Chinese take-out restaurants use are designed in a very special way. They are designed so that they can be opened and used as plates. Many people don’t like eating out of a box as getting the last bits can be hard. This is why those boxes are designed so that they can be opened into plates and be eaten from with ease.

Chinese Take-Out Boxes

Image Source: pinimg.com


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