15 Everyday Ordinary Things That Have Hidden Features That You Did Not Know About

Did you ever look at a notebook and wonder why so much space was wasted for the margins? If we wanted margins we could easily just draw them. So, why do they come pre-made?


The margins in notebooks were designed to keep the contents of the book safe during a fire or if anything spilled on the book while it was closed. The margins make it so that we have to begin writing away from the edge of the page. The same way manufactures include hidden features in many products we use every day that we do not know about.

1The hole in a spaghetti spoon

If you look cooking spaghetti you must have seen a hole in the middle of the spoon. This hole has a specific reason for being there. It helps you decide how much spaghetti you want to cook. The hole was designed to be wide enough to fit enough spaghetti for just one adult. So accordingly you can figure out how much you want to cook.

The hole in a spaghetti spoon

Image Source: itvnet.lv

2The lines on the blade of a box cutter

We all have a box cutter somewhere on our desk. Have you ever noticed the lines on the blade? You must be wondering what are they for? Those lines are actually grooved on the blades. The tip of a box cutter is the sharpest part of the blade. Over the course of its use, it will start to become blunt so all you need to do is use the back part of the box cutter to break off the tip to reveal a new, sharper tip as shown in the image.


3The back end of a garlic press

If you’ve seen a garlic press you might have noticed the end part of it. It has a pin and a round opening. This is for removing the seeds from cherries. You place the cherry on the round opening and use the pin to push out the pit. This is an easy and fast way to pit cherries.

The back end of a garlic press

Image Source: smile.ru

4Lines on a keyboard

If you’re reading this on a laptop or computer, look down at your keyboard. You will notice lines on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ key. These lines are for those who want to learn to type faster. The lines have been placed on the two keys on which our pointer fingers should rest. Feeling these lines you can easily teach yourself to type faster without looking.

Lines on a keyboard

Image Source: adme.ru

5Diamond slits on backpacks

This was something first seen on the backpacks of tourists but now it has been adapted to most backpacks. You can hang your umbrella, keep rope or even hang your shoes from it. This is a great way of carrying excess things without taking up space in your backpack. Today this design isn’t seen that much.

Diamond slits on backpacks

Image Source: tutkatamka.com.ua


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