Have You Ever Wondered What These 15 Everyday Things Are Called?

In life we take things for granted and never really bother to give much importance to the little objects in life. The thing is that it is these little things that make our clothing, apparel and life at home comfortable because without them, we would be inconvenienced to a certain degree that can lead to a lot of irritation. Moreover, you must have found yourself wanting to describe an object to someone but you just didn’t know what it is called. That happens to almost everybody because we simply don’t know the names of these little items. Here are 15 everyday objects and what they are called.


1 Nose pads

Ever wondered what those little pads on the bridge of your spectacles are called? Well, it may have the very simple term of nose pads yet they are indispensable. Regardless of how costly your glasses, without nose pads to help them stick and fit comfortably on your nose, your spectacles are useless. They would also hurt and skin your nose.

Nose pads

Image Source: dailyhunt.in


2 Pull loops

Your sneakers will always have a small loop at the end of the ankle section. Called pull loops, they are for the convenience of pulling on your shoes. Give credit to shoe companies for such small details.

Pull loops

Image Source: vielsker.net


3 Phloem Bundles

Now this sounds something unrecognizable and confusing. Phloem bundles are actually got to do with food. They are the stringy bits you get on your banana that confuses you whether you should eat them or not.

Phloem Bundles

Image Source: newshunt.com


4 Punt

Have you noticed that at the bottom of your wine bottle there is a concave bump? Called a punt the only purpose it serves is to help keep the bottle upright and prevent it from toppling over.


Image Source: squarespace.com


5 Aglets

Here is another tough one for many. Your shoelaces have a metal or plastic fastener at the end of it. These are called aglets and prevent the laces from getting splayed and shredded. A good invention this one.

Shoe Aglets


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