Ever wondered how the birds see our world?

Ever wondered what it would be like, to view things from a bird’s eye view? Imagine how tiny and beautiful everything would look when you are high up in the sky, away from the mortal beings that are not lucky enough to fly! But worry not, these stunning birds’ eye view images would show you how birds look at things.


1 The Central Park in New York, USA

Lucky are the birds that get to fly over this picture perfect scenery every day. This brilliant bird’s eye view looks almost too good to be true. The Central Park looks like a really long, rectangular green carpet that has been spread across the New York City. The carpet looks like it has been encrusted with precious gems and stones, as you spot two beautiful ponds filled with sapphire hued water and lanes that twist and turn all over it like the needlework of a skilled artisan!

 The Central Park in New York, USA

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


2 The Dubai Marina, UAE

After seeing this bird’s eye view image, you would do anything to be able to fly so that you can fly over the Dubai Marina every single day. The view is so immaculate that it would surely stop anyone in their tracks. The sensuous curves of the roads of the canal city and the banks of the canal are in perfect harmony with the emerald green water. The buildings look so tall and majestic as if the city has donned a diamond necklace.

The Dubai Marina, UAE

Image Source: www.imgur.com


3 Barcelona, Spain

The close-to-perfect symmetry of this particular image would make you wonder how different a city can look from the point of view of a bird. All you can see are similar looking buildings proudly standing side-by-side, flaunting their brick red hues and terraces that look like tiny Lego blogs. This is one bird’s eye view that you should never miss.

Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: ww.whome.bt.com


4 Ha long Bay, Vietnam

This astounding image can personify serenity for you. All you can see is the cool, calm waters of the Ha Long Bay, littered with huge rocks adorned with velvety moss. You can barely differentiate the mist from the clouds as the horizon is impossible to spot, far away from the prying human eye.

Ha long Bay, Vietnam

Image Source: www.baitulongbaytravel.com


5 Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

This surely is the showstopper of the list as it seems geographically impossible. Looking from a bird’s eye view, the Arc de Triomphe looks like a huge flower, with building, trees and roads for petals. It surely is a triumph of Paris as it looks great from the sky. The entire view is just too amazing considering that, placed at center, Arc de Triomphe holds the city together all so beautifully.

Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

Image Source: www.theatlantic.com


If you never wished to be a bird before, you certainly will after witnessing these stunning birds’ eye views. I surely envy the birds right now!


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