Have you ever woke feeling almost dead? Know more about sleep paralysis

Have you ever felt that you are awake and simply cannot move? Did you feel something sitting on your chest and trying to pull you down into your bed? Were you trying to scream out for help, but neither could you utter a word nor make a movement? Well, all these must have happened when you had an attack of sleep paralysis, which is a kind of a sleep disorder, which actually feels like one of the most terrifying nightmares to the people who feel them. I am going to share with you some facts about paralysis, and yes even I have gone through them, so I can completely understand what it feels like.

1 You feel like you just woke up dead

You knew you were sleeping and all of a sudden your senses are awake, you mind is active, and hell, you cannot move. This mostly happens to everybody who has ever had an episode of sleep paralysis.

You feel like you just woke up dead

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