12 Eventful Things That Happened Immediately After JFK Was Assassinated

November 22nd 1963 was an ill-fated day for the US. It was the day President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald and it turned out to be the crime of the century. The assassination stunned the American public that was genuinely grieved at the incident because Kennedy was a favorite. However, while articles flourish about the assassination and various conspiracy theories surrounding it, not much was said about events that unfolded immediately after. Here’s what happened immediately after the Kennedy assassination.


1After the shot, Jackie Kennedy tried fleeing the limousine

At 12.30 pm on the ill-fated November day as the President’s motorcade drove down Dallas’s Dealey Plaza, three shots rang out as they passed the Texas School Book Depository building. Even as Secret Service Agent Clint Hill acted instantly running to the vehicle after the first shot, he was too late. The third shot shattered the president’s skull all over the seat and Jackie’s dress. Till the second shot, Jackie Kennedy was holding her husband but after the third, she instinctively attempted to climb out towards the trunk of the open vehicle. Hill pulled her back into the rear seat. In her testimony, she later said she had no recollection of leaving the vehicle. She was heard uttering these words by Texas Gov. John Connolly – was also seriously injured while he sat in the front seat -“They have killed my husband, his brains are on my hands.”

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2Lee Oswald escaped within 90 seconds of shooting

After he fired those fatal shots, Lee Harvey Oswald hid his rifle in stacks of textbooks on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository and casually walked out of the building even encountering his supervisor and a policeman in the lunchroom. He left the building just after three minutes of the shooting as police made attempts to seal it off. Employees said he was very casual in his behavior when leaving. He went home to his Oak Cliff house, changed and went out again this time carrying pistol.

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3There was a legal fight over JFL’s body

12 minutes after the president was rushed into the trauma room he was declared dead. No amount of effort could have revived him due the extensive damage to his skull and brain. A catholic priest performed the last rites and the body was placed in a coffin and on a gurney. As the president’s entourage proceeded to remove him, the Dallas county medical examiner Earl Rose refused to allow them to do so saying it was required by law for the county to perform an autopsy on the body. Jackie Kennedy refused to leave without her husband and many thought Rose was acting inappropriately. The weirdest part was that there were no laws in place at the time in respect to an assassination of a president. Rose refused to back down resulting in a heated exchange where some claimed the secret service drew weapons on him. The service then hurriedly rushed the coffin to Love Airfield and boarded Airforce One to eliminate any further matters of jurisdiction.

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4Walter Cronkite got emotional announcing Kennedy’s demise

News networks started broadcasting the news at around 2pm. For about 38 minutes, Walter Cronkite kept repeating unconfirmed reports of the President’s assassination. At 2.38, he was handed an Associated Press newsflash confirming the President’s demise which he read out even while choking up over the news. He was deeply affected.

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