17 Essential Secrets of Body Language That Reveal A Lot about People

9How men sit

There are several indicators of behavior that can be denoted by the way a man sits. In a meeting perhaps, his actions and sitting posture will point out his level of interest. In the image in the right, it denotes the sitting position of some men who have a bit of arrogance in them as this also shows that a person assumes they know it all.


Image Source: bornrealist.com

10How stubborn people sit

This is the typical sitting position of someone who isn’t just stubborn but is a bit spiteful too of the people in front of him. It shows a lack of interest in what is going on and is also a sign of disrespect of the opinion of others.


Image Source: onedio.co

11Calming down

There are many people who may suddenly get agitated or tense in any given situation and will make an effort to calm themselves down. This is one such sign that shows the person is trying to calm themselves.


Image Source: pinimg.com

12Superior attitudes

Some people are always of the opinion that they are superior to others. This is quite common as you always get that one know it all in an office. With this information, you can pinpoint who it is.


Image Source: onedio.com


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