17 Essential Secrets of Body Language That Reveal A Lot about People

5When someone is fed up

It isn’t easy to figure out when someone is either bored or fed up simply because not everyone is impolite to tell you directly. But, body languages will help you figure out this aspect of behavior instantly.


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6What sitting posture means

A woman’s sitting posture can mean a lot of things. But, here are two ways of sitting that will signify whether a man will be attracted to her or if she appears to shy and reserved. The next time you are on a date, maybe this will help you.


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7When someone rubs their eyes

Obviously the initial reaction to someone rubbing their eyes will be that they most probably have something in their eye. But, on the other hand, it could also signify deceit or that the person doesn’t wish to see something.


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8The sign someone is aloof

Many people are pretty closed up and aloof but it would be hard to detect if someone is like that. This is the body posture adopted when someone doesn’t wish to open up and is a reserved person.


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