17 Essential Secrets of Body Language That Reveal A Lot about People

In every sphere of life, it is body language that helps many understand the workings of a mind. The smart ones understand and read such things perfectly. What many don’t know is that 80% of the information we receive from people be it at work or home is communicated by a non-verbal body language and knowing how to read these signs can do much to help us understand a given situation and how a conversation may be developing through the unspoken word. Learning about body language will help us waste less time in making conclusions and deductions about people, meetings, discussions and conversations. Here are some secrets of body language we thought you should know about.


1Bored or interested

It is often hard to figure out if you have got the attention of someone or you are just plain boring them. This is important especially when you are trying to make a business pitch or promote something to a client.

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2Closed or welcoming attitude

Here is another sign of body language that can help you understand people better both at work and in relationships. Knowing how open-minded or rigid a person is, makes a huge difference to the way you make conversation.

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3How to take control

By far one of the most important aspects of negotiation knows how to read someone and take control of the situation. It can help you convince or convey your opinion more easily to improve the relationship or conversation.

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4What mood a person is in

Here are four facial expressions that give away exactly what a person may be doing at the moment. She may be thinking about sights, sounds, trying to recall memories or remember images.

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