Epiphany alert! Did Kevin McCallister of home alone grow up to become ‘the’ Jigsaw?

2 Breaking down Kevin’s character


Kevin has a face as cute as a button and a charm that can win over almost anyone. But has all this camouflaged his actual, rather screwed up tendencies? I mean, think about it. This kid has serious anger management issues and violent intentions.

I recall the quite unexplainable tantrum he threw over a mere pizza. Okay, pizza may be a big deal, but enough to ruin an entire family dinner? I think not. Kevin is also guilty of taping his Uncle Frank in the shower and using it later on as potential blackmail material. Not only that but also stealing and credit card fraud.

Kevin also seems to be thrilled by his next door neighbour, the ‘Shovel Slayer’, who is shown to be a probable murder suspect. Though the scene is depicted rather comically, Kevin death threatens a pizza delivery boy with recorded clippings.

Breaking down Kevin’s character

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I don’t know if it was the immaculateness of his face or the Christmassy backdrop of the films but it certainly has mitigated Kevin’s true personality and made us overlook so much.

What’s that I hear? I’m overdoing it with my exaggeration? I know, I know but hey, is this honestly how a normal child behaves? How can you not note the striking similarities between Jigsaws’ skillfully designed murder traps and Kevin’s plots against Harry and Marv?


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