Epiphany alert! Did Kevin McCallister of home alone grow up to become ‘the’ Jigsaw?

The ‘Home Alone’ series has been one of my all-time favourite Christmas movie franchises of all time and will continue to be so, no matter how many ever Holiday movies come and go. A theory that surfaced long after the successful movie was – whatever happened to Kevin McCallister?

Macaulay Culkin shot to the zenith of his career at a very young age, but failed to remain on top for long. His stardom was short lived and he fell to his careers’ nadir rather soon too. He fell prey to drugs, fame, a failed relationship with Mila Kunis and sort of faded away from the picture, altogether. So, what was he upto all the while?

1 Is there some resemblance between Jigsaw and Kevin?

Diverting the subject away from Home Alone, (for no apparent reason, ahem) I’d like to talk about another one of my favorite psychological horror franchises, ‘Saw’. Jigsaw alias John Kramer, the protagonist/antagonist is a sinister mastermind who traps his victims in cleverly crafted, so called ‘games’, and also serves as a mentor to other serial killers, through the seven films in this series.

Is it just me or is there an uncanny resemblance between the innocent but masterly pranks of Kevin McCallister and the cynical and twisted tendencies of Jigsaw? And considering the rather random disappearance of Macaulay from tinsel town, putting two and two together…


(*cue dramatic epiphany music in the background*) Dun dun duuuuuuuuuunuun.
If that wasn’t mind-canoodling (censorship issues) enough, hear me out.

Is there some resemblance between Jigsaw and Kevin?

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