Elon Musk Successfully Launches Worlds Heaviest Rocket Carrying Into Space His Red Tesla Car

7Falcon Heavy just misses Planned Mars Orbit

By the time the third booster had crashed; Falcon Heavy was way into space heading on its trajectory to its Mars orbit. The final stage would require a thrust ignition after a long cruise phase and would happen six hours after launch so it is most probably passed that by now.

However, the mission wasn’t an entire success because the Falcon Heavy rocket overshot its planned orbit around Mars and zoomed instead through space towards the Asteroid belt.

Falcon Heavy just misses Planned Mars Orbit

Image Source: www.spacex.com


8Watched by hundreds of spectators

Hundreds of spectators gathered on coca beach to watch the amazing launch. Many were even awed at what Musk sent up into space. One can’t quite imagine the scene of a red tesla orbiting mars.

Watched by hundreds of spectators

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

9Innumerous funnies on twitter

The event has also received its fair share of parodies and jokes on the internet and twitter where one by the name #Jamie Alter tweeted

“There are unconfirmed reports that following the successful launching of a car and mannequin into outer space, McDonalds is considering firing up Ronald McDonald on a cycle to scope out the potential of a chain of drive-throughs”

#Niki Flores tweeted “wow wow wow wow @elonmusk what a beautiful show. I had chills and tears when the boosters landed. Congratulations to the only man cool enough to put a Tesla Roadster in space to a Bowie tune”

Innumerous funnies on twitter

Image Source: www.foxnews.com

10Musk uploaded an Instagram photo from inside the car
Not to be outdone, Elon Musk uploaded a photo from inside of the car on Instagram.

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